“ Hello! Tapir ” warm heart accompany to wake up the childlike innocence

Produced by full entertainment co., LTD., China film group corporation, China film co., LTD., Wuzhou film distribution co., LTD., to promote, Malaysia director Chi Jiaqing screenwriter and directed, Yang Caii, Bai RunYin, Lv Xuefeng, li li ren, starring cure is live-action animation fantasy film “ Hello! Tapir ” .

The movie Hi!“ Hello! Tapir ” It is a farewell film, but not so sad, and some of the jokes are just right. Director ChiJiaQing with his father’s death experience, writing the script, through the age is small protagonist base that the father missing fishing, the news of the story in his face between cannot digest sadness, head emerge father had told him the bedside story, decided to follow two friends to the hills looking for the legendary “god beast”. The film uses tender and full of details, showing the naive childlike fun and simple and honest human nature. As the first live-action animated fantasy film directed by director Chi Jiaqing, “ Hello! Tapir “At the beginning of the release, God beast is full of childlike and tender temperament triggered the expectation of fans of all ages.

Whether it’s playing baseball, wearing fluorescent paint in the forest to summon beasts, or fishing up watermelons floating in the sea, these are all for children. The lush and vibrant mysterious forest, glowing mushrooms and jellyfish also enable the audience and Agi to temporarily forget the sadness of losing their father and experience a fantastic summer fairy tale with a relaxed attitude. The most popular fan is the mythical beast based on “Dream Tapir”. With the inspiration of director Chi Jiaqing, the mythical beast is the “big guy” who is gentle as soft and lovely as a sleeping bed, but also the “dream guardian” who carries Aji to the street and visits every house. It is also a magical friend who stands up in times of crisis to accompany Aji through the difficulties. Whether for adults or children, the audience of all ages can have a spiritual resonance with the divine beast. Wake up the fans’ long-lost childlike innocence.

The divine beast, like the infinite vast earth, covering the beauty of his whole childhood with his own embrace. Aji’s pure and soft smile directly hit the heart, revealing him as if he was in the gentle and warm embrace of his father, and the long-lost moisture and tears suddenly came on his face. The whole poster with round light outline highlights the fairy tale world, simple but full of creative composition and childish interest sweet special effects, deliver no matter what happens, there will always be someone still with the wonderful emotional atmosphere, easily stir to the fans heart soft at the same time, more instantly arouse people want to hold a god beast, and in it with rolling, happy sleep pure memory.

“ Hello! Tapir “beast to a father and son through the final agreement, and the father and son get along with the process of experience and find god beast cross each other, in the end, it is able to eat people evil god beast, and originally promised to accompany to the hills to find god beast father, in order to achieve the promise to give son finally gentle. With the combination of real people and fantasy animation, the innocent words in the story can cherish the future and be optimistic, and bring warm and touching positive energy to heal the body and mind.

“ Hello! Tapir “plot description fishing village children, believe father told his beautiful legend, magic forest hidden adult invisible god beast, it has an elephant’s nose, horse ears, pig body, rhinoceros limbs, can eat nightmare let a dream come true, unexpectedly, dad sea accident, with time long hope gradually slim, in the face of mother to bring back to Taipei life request, hope god beast eat father missing nightmare, then follow several friends in the middle of the night into the forest, on a fantasy adventure. The film will be released nationwide on September 16.




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