HAPPY HEROES: Multiverse Rescue

“HAPPY HEROES: Multiverse Rescue ” is a sci-fi animated film co-produced by Guangdong Star Creative Animation Co., Ltd. and Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd. It is jointly produced by Guangdong Original Power Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Beijing Kakoo Media Co., Ltd. The film has been officially announced to be released nationwide on January 20, 2024. It sounds like an exciting collaboration between these production companies, and I’m sure fans of animated films will be eagerly anticipating its release!

“HAPPY HEROES: Multiverse Rescue” is another major work by director Huang Weiming. Since its first broadcast in 2010, it has aired for 19 seasons with over 1300 episodes of animated series and 3 animated films. The evergreen “HAPPY HEROES” has been a childhood memory for a generation of young people, and it continues to attract new young fans. It’s incredible to see how this series has captivated audiences for 13 years!

Since the release of the first feature film “HAPPY HEROES” in 2013, the subsequent films in the series have received rave reviews for their high-quality content. The film “HAPPY HEROES” achieved a score of 8.3 on Douban and won the second place for domestic animated film series of the month. The film “HAPPY HEROES: The Stones” even became the third highest-grossing children’s sci-fi film in the history of mainland China. It’s impressive to see the success and recognition that the “HAPPY HEROES” film series has garnered!

The main storyline of this brand-new blockbuster revolves around the adventures of Little Careful Superhero and Garrow. All members of the Superhero League will lead us into an exciting new adventure. While carrying out their missions, the superheroes find themselves in a great crisis when a mysterious person steals their companions’ powers. To rescue their friends, Little Careful Superhero embarks on a journey to track down the culprit, crossing time and space, and unexpectedly falls into a whole new world. Here, he experiences a series of thrilling adventures.

In the official poster, Little Careful Superhero and Garrow stand together, guarding the prestigious Star Battle Medal of the Adris planet. Surrounding them are the members of the “Unity Alliance” from parallel timelines, fighting side by side with their comrades. Little Careful Superhero continuously travels between different parallel timelines to rescue his companions, while Garrow fearlessly ventures into unknown parallel timelines to save his friends, even if it means enduring great pain and suffering. The warm and genuine friendship between them is one of the highlights of the film.

In addition to high-energy battles, the film will also focus on the psychological growth of Little Careful Superhero and War God Garrow. The iconic characters will be further developed and portrayed in this movie. Whether it’s a superhero or a war god, even the most powerful characters have their ordinary and vulnerable sides. However, it is through facing their inner “fragility” that they have the potential to become true “warriors.” The film explores the journey of embracing and overcoming one’s vulnerabilities, highlighting the message that true strength comes from within.

The new film, “HAPPY HEROES: Multiverse Rescue” continues the tradition of high-quality animation production and compelling storytelling. With exquisite emotional depth and attention to detail, the introduction of parallel timelines brings even more possibilities to the plot. The film maintains a high standard of animation and narrative, ensuring an immersive and captivating experience for the audience.




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