Get NVIDIA DOCA 2.0 Now!

NVIDIA DOCA is the open cloud software development kit and acceleration framework for NVIDIA BlueField DPUs. With its extensive libraries, drivers, and application programming interfaces, DOCA is a one-stop shop for developers using BlueField, and the key to accelerating infrastructure services in the cloud.

The most recent release of DOCA, DOCA 2.0, is now available for download. DOCA 2.0 adds support for BlueField-3, offering forward and backward compatibility across BlueField generations. More than 4,800 developers are already using DOCA, and its general availability opens access to anyone interested in developing applications for the BlueField DPU platform.

DOCA 2.0 includes support for the BlueField-3 Data Path Accelerator subsystem and adds enhancements to DOCA storage emulation and VirtIO emulation. In addition, DOCA 2.0 introduces the new GPUNetIO library, the IPsec encryption and decryption library and adds functionality to the DOCA Flow library.

To learn more, review the DOCA 2.0 release notes, programming guides, and installation guide for Linux, and download DOCA today.

Post any questions to the NVIDIA DOCA Developer Forum:

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