Game Developers Conference Features How to Elevate Confidence in Your Code Presentation by SmartBear

Rosty Sokolov, Senior Solutions Engineer at SmartBear, a leading provider of software development and visibility tools, presented, “Elevate Your Game with Confidence in Your Code,” at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), taking place on March 20-24, 2023 in San Francisco. Developers will learn how to confidently release games faster while mitigating risks using techniques around stable error monitoring, phased rollouts, feature flagging, and experimentation. GDC is bringing the game development community together to solve problems while shaping the future of the industry.

Whether it’s building mobile games on Unity or a Nintendo Switch game on the Unreal Engine, developers face growing demands to build and release games swiftly and continuously add features to keep users engaged. The challenge lies in shipping code at a rapid pace while managing associated risks. Rosty is discussing how modern approaches instill confidence in development teams by letting them make data-driven decisions throughout the software delivery cycle. Attendees will discover how game development teams can adopt various techniques including stability performance metrics that enhance confidence throughout the game development and delivery process.

As Senior Solutions Engineer at SmartBear, Rosty is focused on helping developers enhance their productivity with performance and stability monitoring tools like market-leading error tracking and performance monitoring solution, BugSnag. With BugSnag, developer teams can achieve better collaboration, faster deployments, and more stable applications to ensure every end user has a next-level experience. Prior to SmartBear, Rosty was Product Manager and Software Engineer working on developing Amazon Alexa skills. After graduating from the University of Southern California, he worked at Apple as a software engineer on the Siri team.

In December, SmartBear announced that BugSnag supports the Nintendo Switch system, giving gaming studios visibility across platforms and devices. Early last year, SmartBear released BugSnag support for Unreal Engine mobile games. For more information on BugSnag, go to:

For more information on GDC, go to:

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SmartBear provides a portfolio of trusted tools that give software development teams around the world visibility into end-to-end quality through test management and automation, API development lifecycle, and application stability, ensuring each software release is better than the last. Award winning tools include SwaggerHub, TestComplete, BugSnag, ReadyAPI, Zephyr, and PactFlow, among others. SmartBear is trusted by over 16 million developers, testers, and software engineers at 32,000+ organizations – including innovators like Adobe, JetBlue, FedEx, and Microsoft. With an active peer-to-peer community, we meet customers where they are to help make our technology-driven world a better place. SmartBear is committed to ethical corporate practices and social responsibility, promoting good in all the communities we serve. Learn more at, or follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

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