Front Runner Productions takes “Live Differently” to MIPCOM strikes co-pro deal

Emerging Australian content company, Front Runner Productions, has secured a co-production agreement with FredBird Entertainment for the development of alternative lifestyle series “Live Differently”.

The production team has also secured award winning producer, Julie Greene as Executive Producer for the project. Greene, was the Executive Producer and Executive Creative Director for the globally successful children’s program “Hi-5” and drove its international expansion and development into a multi-market format and live touring production.

The trio are taking the project to MIPCOM seeking international broadcasting partners.

“Live Differently” is a 6x 60min factual series created by Australian director Adam Dostalek and international wellbeing consultant Ben Saravia. Saravia also serves as the researcher and host of the series.

“The concept was forged as an antidote to the pressure of contemporary life and constraints regarding lifestyle choices. We know of the high rates of anxiety and depression in the Western world and it is clear in my work and travels that people are seeking sustainable ways of living for their physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Live Differently is about opening the doors to new pathways,” Saravia said.

The series was filmed in 4k with high production values driven by the vison of director Adam Dostalek, armed with a commercial advertising background and a passion to showcase the beauty of the Australian and global locations explored in the series.

“All of our Live Differently stories take us on journeys in awe-inspiring locations. As filmmakers we wanted to capture and honour the extent to which these natural environments enhance the alternative lifestyles of our subjects. From the bustling heart of Sydney to the remote ancient rain forest in Queensland, our docu-series inspires and guides the audience into new modes of alternative living, thinking and consciousness,” Dostalek said.

For Executive Producer Julie Greene, of Grass is Greener Productions, the series has personal significance as she recently relocated back to Australia after many years of living in Asia.

“From the moment I met Adam and Ben I was captured by the idea of a show like Live Differently. Not only did it resonate with me personally, but I feel the concept is very timely with what’s happening in our world. To be involved with a project that’s there to inspire and create happiness is every producers dream. I really see this being much bigger than just a TV show. The passion that Ben and Adam have, and the work they’ve put in, gives me no doubt that they’re going to have huge success with Live Differently and take their message to the world. As an Executive Producer attached to the show, I believe Live Differently is going to be a highlight of my career,” said Greene.

Series concepts include:

– Suburban City life to mobile living

– “On the grid” vs “off the grid”

– Working remotely

– Complete career changes – from the material corporate life to the spiritual life

– Living with less – downsizing your life and minimalism

– Extreme Relocations e.g. from Europe to Africa



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