Dream Studio-A New Animation Movie Industrial Chain

As a comprehensive film and TV company attached to Beijing Weying Technology Co.Ltd, Dream Studio is committed to animation and cartoon film fields and releases diversified values through innovation ways since its establishment, Which covers domestic project incubation, animation films introduce project investment, project development, project production, promotion and distribution, peripheral products, game authorization, stage play authorization and theme parks etc.

Dream Studio has provided cooperation and service include copyright investment, film promotion, film distribution and copyright transactions at home and abroad etc. For many word-of-mouth animated films such as Boruto -Naruto, A Silent Voice/The Shape of Voice, Kunta The Floating Planet, Tofu, The Wind Guardians and Dinofroz. We help companies establish brand and communication systems and achieve commercial value which based on internet integrative thinking.

As for animation project development and cooperation, we have three project incubation teams of Chinese ,European and American animated film, as well as Japanese. They share wide recognition thanks to their understanding on Chinese market, control on target groups and strong production strength.

We select the best animation projects for investment and financing, help domestic and foreign animation companies share fund risk, master political economy and mainstream values of common people for realism creation and continual innovative pursuit, broad vision and forward-looking insight for quality effect on the basis of research on value judgment and aesthetic psychology of audience, policy orientation, social development and evaluation and maximum effects for channel delivery and emphasizes smooth operation and effectiveness of creativity of promotion platforms so that the most effective contents can spread to target people by precisely approaching and market performance of every animated film can be maximized.

We also engage in film tickets since we have the biggest purchase platforms of film tickets in China, which is a one-stop movie internet platform integrated with media contents, online ticket purchase, user social contact and film derivatives sales.

Group distribution business is our strong support and we can cover 100% cinema line distribution and launch  thousands of cinemas in China. We have 50 offices in major cities in 7 areas in China and hundreds of annual distribution and cooperation projects.

Dream Studio has excellent marketing teams and lots of traditional channels such as national mainstream websites, variety shows, newspapers, TV, magazines and professional journals etc. Media resources cover 318 cities in China including 29 in first-tier cities, 48 in second-tier cities, 137 in third-tier cities and 104 in fourth-tier cities. We own thousands of high-quality media resources and remain one step ahead of other industry competitors.

In aspects of crossover marketing resources, the marketing dept works on crossover marketing of animation film projects for a long time. They comprehensively integrate rich and diversified channels and customize marketing plans by multidimensional cooperation forms and deeply penetrate brands and film projects for cooperation to promote animation film projects, which enable brands to reach the maximum effect of social communication.

We have rich operational experience involving App channels of 50+ billions of users and 100+ tens of millions of users, more than 10 thousand KOL We-Media opinion leaders and millions of web celebrities as to We-Media resources and many cases about content update and promotion in WeChat, moments, microblogs and forums. At the same time, we completely master hundreds of famous public accounts of WeChat and microblogs with unique advantages in strong new media platforms such as WeChat and microblogs through long-term training and preparation to directly approach and influence the life and topics of net friends and develop the most pertinent publicity and promotional events corresponding with promotion and marketing for animation films from the early period to the final shows.

Multi-channel and high-quality national mainstream medium such as entertainment, reading, games and tools etc. Communication strategies are designed for different clients, events and contents, and suitable medium for target group features are recommended for brand exposure. The platforms are analyzed based on accurate data for group screening and accurate lock, and high quality flows are supplemented with wide exposure and precise introduction to enhance effect transformation.

Dream Studio will contribute to the development of Chinese animation, and we will strive to promote the cooperation and communication of Chinese and international animations, what’s more, we hope to create more popular IP and excellent works with all parties in the future.

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