Dragon Forge Rise of Ultraman

The animated film directed by Wang Wei, “The Rise of the Iron Dragon of Steel Dragon”, was the first to be announced today. The giant Altman, the steel dragon five warriors and the new character Lele debuted. Along with the cool and fast-cutting battle lens of the Iron Dragon, and the arrogant and killing skills of Lele, the second part of the Altman series of large movies, “The Rise of the Iron Dragon of Iron and Steel”, will be on the 18th of January. In the coming, the super heroes will meet the big and small audiences to start the final battle with the winter vacation, and blast the winter holiday big screen.

The super hero is cool and debut.

In the “fired version” notice of this exposure, the important characters all appeared: Superhero Altman reproduces the classic cross-death action and faces the enemy; the steel dragon carries the upgraded version of the dragon-shaped mech-war Ite Corps, with the enemy The firepower is fully open; the stimulating Lele accident becomes the Altman human body, and the key moments stand up and stand out; the big devil Itter destroys the earth and the terrain is unstoppable, and the magic sword is burning and pointing to the little hero. Driven by the music of the metal rhythm, the super hero reloads the attack, the battle scene is cool and blasting, and the mech is splashed against the fire, which makes people look forward to the upcoming “ultimate duel”.

At the same time, the trailer is also full of powerful images, thrilling chasing battles, flying scenes of flying sand, fierce gun battles with full firepower, and thundering energy impacts, all of which bring a powerful visual impact to the audience. It is reported that “The Rise of the Iron Man of the Iron Dragon” is more than half of the total combat production level, and the blood index will soar. The producers hired well-known drama actors to perform performances, and enabled the gold medal martial arts to complete the action shooting. The upgraded version of the dynamic capture technology was used to accurately restore the characters to the animated characters, making the expressions more delicate and vivid, the movements more rich and smooth, and more on the scene. The coloring, visual rendering and other parts are constantly improving, presenting an exciting battle for the audience to explode.

It’s not just about saving the planet, it’s about courage and love.

Under the blessing of distinctive characters and powerful visual effects, the story of “The Rise of the Iron Dragon of the Iron Dragon” is not just about the battle itself. The protagonist Lele was originally an ordinary child with a heroic dream in his heart. He was the one who would ask “Is there really a monster in this world?”, the “Meng Meng” who played the original voice in the preview of the EDT sword. “Technology” is even more unbearable. The occasional encounter with Altman made him into a world of superheroes. The desire to save the mother made Lele accidentally form a “justice alliance” with Altman and the steel dragon.

On the way to this adventure, the lovely Lele gradually has the courage and determination to face the difficulties, and is beyond the expectations of everyone, becoming a “hero of heroes”, when Lele firmly and confidently shouted the “promised thing” When you must do it, a young superhero is emerging on the screen. The Guardian’s Faith will lead Lele to fulfill his heroic dream.

In addition, the preview also throws the film’s biggest plot suspense, GSB high-level screaming out “they must have ghosts inside”, how this “inner ghost” status, how to sneak into the team of Ite, and will be in the next battle What role does it play? The ultimate battle on January 18 will give us the answer.

“The Rise of the Iron Man of the Iron Dragon” “Strong Team” poster

Source: NetEase

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