Emmy Award-winning French animation production and distribution company Dandelooo has struck a deal with Emmy Award-winning Czech film and television production company Bionaut for the new adorable comedy series Our Piggy.

The deal gives Dandelooo exclusive worldwide distribution rights to the 2-D animated series targeted at 2 – 4-year-olds produced by Bionaut, producers of the highly successful Hungry Bear Tales series.

Created and based on the book by Jaromir Plachy, nominated for the Golden Pinwheel, Young Illustrators Competition Award 2021, Our Piggy (52 x 2’) discovers the magic of ordinary objects and invites children into his extraordinary world through inquisitiveness and play!

Commenting on the deal, Emmanuèle Pétry Sirvin, Co-Founder of Dandelooo, said, “This new series is based on the Director’s observation of his own child, which explains the charm of this delightful character.  I fell in love immediately with this series which illustrates the well known quote “keep it simple”.  Bionaut is one of the most talented studios in Central Europe and we are proud to distribute their programs internationally”.


Small, naive, curious, and playful.  Just like the youngest children Our Piggy is discovering and learning about the things around him.  It is the most interesting in the everyday things that turn into what they are in his imagination.  A box becomes a tractor, a pillow becomes a bee – or is it the other way around?

Is a washing machine more fun than a TV?  Best toy?  Well, a piece of hose for Our Piggy, and what’s the best thing about getting a present?  The box of course!  Our Piggy discovers the world one step at a time, joining in is fun!

About Dandelooo

Dandelooo is a French award-winning creative company based in Paris dedicated to the development, production, and distribution of original and ambitious animated programs.

Dandelooo’s productions include the hybrid pre-school series The Treehouse Stories (three seasons on air, a 4th in production and two theatrical films), which won an International Emmy Kids Award in 2017, Chico Chica Boumba commissioned by M6 and the animated feature film Houdini.

The company has produced Stinky Dog (52 x 11′) for France Televisions and TV3 Catalunya, and the wonderful TV Special Mum is pouring rain (winner of a Jury Award for a TV Special at Annecy 2021) to Canal+, is set to deliver the pre-school series Billy the Cowboy Hamster (52 x 11′) at MIPCOM 2022 and has started production for The Upside Down River (8 x 26′) a serialized series for kids based on the cult novel by Jean Claude Mourlevat.  Dandelooo is also developing loguis, an original project to initiate yoga for preschoolers.

On the international sales front, Dandelooo is very proud to distribute a selection of the best TV Specials such as Shooom’s Odyssey (Annecy Cristal 2020 as best TV Special), the deeply meaningful Dounia and the 2D animation Margot and The Robot.

Dandelooo has its own studio, Ooolala, in la Cartoucherie (Valence, France) and a sales office in Barcelona, Spain and Milan, Italy.

About Bionaut

Bionaut is leading Emmy Award-winning Czech film and television company based in Prague, founded in 1999 by producer Vratislav Slajer. Bionaut produce feature, documentary and animated films and series of all genres. The Bionaut Animation platform focuses on distinctive work with a strong authorial style. The company has produced TV special Rosa & Dara and their Great Holiday Adventures (2016) and pre-school series Hungry Bear Tales (26 x 7’) which was presented in TV film competition section in Annecy and will be followed by the Christmas special Bears at the Pole. Bionaut Animation is developing new show Animalies about physical disability and road movie The Axolotls about the adventure of two small siblings that are fighting for better world.

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