Dance with the Finless Promise

The story tells the mysterious stories of Yangtze River’s aquatic world, depicting the love-hate relationship between “Jiangtun”(Neophocaena phocaenoides) and humans. The dolphin family has been born since ancient times, using “Fengshi Dance” to warn against stormy waves to protect the people along the Yangtze River, but modern ecological degradation in the Yangtze River is getting worse every day, which puts the dolphin family on the verge of extinction and helpless. The dolphin fairy Jiang Ling does not want to perish like this, so she breaks into human world seeking for ways to save her race, accidentally meets with a young human boy Lin Sheng, rekindling a 600-year-old bond between them…

The female protagonist Jiang Ling, a female who does not yield to a male, comes to the human world alone and shoulders the great responsibility of saving her people. She sacrifices herself for the sake of protecting the safety of all living beings. The narrative of an empowered heroine adds a sense of fate-entwined tension to this film, combining it with exquisite Eastern aesthetics in cinematography, making audiences feel both thrilling and heartbroken. It’s no wonder that “I want to go with you” has been hailed as a blockbuster for 2024! Phrases like “The “Jiangtun”love the Yangtze River; this is our home!” make viewers instantly empathize with the plight of the dolphin family and deeply feel the challenges faced by these creatures. “Jiangtun”are even rarer than giant pandas, protecting “Jiangtun” means protecting human life’s habitat. Through telling a tale full of imagination and creativity, the film inspires audiences to pay attention to the plight of the “Jiangtun”, paving the way for their rebirth!

The film draws inspiration from ancient cave paintings and designs a charming and beautiful portrayal of “Jiangtun” that are playful and lively as they swim through waves. It captures the innocence and cheerfulness of these “smiling angels”. The team spent 5 years meticulously crafting an Oriental anime style, evoking the poetic imagery of Su Shi’s verse describing the gentle breeze caressing the waves on Xishan Mountain, water crashing against rocks. Scenes like the fairy temple, shoe mountain wishes, Wuyuan Lake, etc., are all breathtakingly beautiful and intricately detailed, offering a feast for the eyes.

“Dance with the Finless Promise” is a creative and passionate film that showcases the charm of “Jiangtun”while turning mythical legends into tangible images. It combines traditional Chinese culture with modern elements, focusing on current ecological issues along the Yangtze River, creating an Eastern aesthetic animated movie!



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