Chinese and Japanese join tasty forces to fight the evil! “Kung food 2” releases ‘CP’ preview

Scheduled to be screened on October 2nd, the animated film “Kung Food 2” has released as “CP Preview” where bun and sushi make up the “dark cuisine” CP.  The two were opponents, but had to embark on an adventure across the food continent together. While fun and laughs happened along the way, a sincere friendship also emerged. And the “food world” in the film also unfolded their identities.  Various food composed the continent, the mountains, and the lakes.  The creativities are unprecedented.  This film can be considered as one of the most creative animation in recent time.

Sino-Japanese gourmet CP, a “cold” and a “hot” join forces against the evil

Bao Qiang, the protagonist of “Kung Food 2”, is a martial arts fan with a hero’s dream of being a “hot-blooded bun”.  On the other side, sushi Musan, though comes from famous family, is just a down warrior but loyal to the pirate Octopus. A secret operation has entangled the fate of these two, forming the “unmatched” CP.  In the preview, the two crossed the continent and saw the magnificent ice cream peaks,  the greasy pork cliffs and onion stone forest.  The “Tasty Food World” was presented to the audiences in every detail possible

Secret mission against the pirates leads to the chase for the ancient five-taste stone

In the preview, the shrewd noodle shooter also makes his debut, revealing the background of the story: the search for the five-taste stone against pirates. It is believed that the five-taste stone was casted by the lady god “Niuwo” to give taste and soul to food which was the holy element all food rely on for survival.  Facing invasion from pirates, the food continent planned a secret operation to find the five-taste stone, but was ambushed by the pirates. In the film, Musan, a bounty hunter hired by the pirates, worked by paralyzing himself with the “warrior is a sword, no right nor wrong” belief.  But at the end,  was moved by Bao Qiang’s adherence in the moral of the martial arts.  Facing strong enemies, these two began to fight hand in hand.  And the fate of the food continent also ushered in a severe test.

Sophisticated action scenes, meticulous food scenes restored

The preview showed some of the action scenes, with pretty sophisticated design. Per the production team, the film’s action scenes have to take many factors into consideration.  First came the characteristics of the food.  Due to human contraint, many traditional martial arts movements could not be ideally presented.  The production team had to design specific martial arts movements matching the characteristics of the different characters, at the same time had integrated different martial arts style of various genres. For example, sushi Musan had a lot of Japanese “technical” action, while Bao Qiang presented power with the “Shaolin stick fight” as model. The food scenes in the film were not just “beautiful background” but did interface with the main characters. The tofu swamp was slippery and bountiful.  And the broken tofu splashed all over had to be restored.   The onion stone forest collapsed with onion rings rolling off the cliff.  All these fully demonstrated the characteristics of the food themselves.  “Kung Food 2” has created a rich, detailed, lively gourmet feast!!

It is creativities and superb production.  ” Kung Food 2” will succeed “Nezha”

In recent years, the progress of the animation industry in China is pretty obvious.  From “Return of the Monkey King”, “Big Fish Peony”, “The Wind Guardian”, “White Snake: Origin”to the recent “Nazha”, there has been one hit animation every year.  “Kung Food” was itself a decade old classic IP, distributed in 100 different countries and regions, has made no. 1 in distribution TV record, no. 1 in screen rating, and >1 billion click rate.   Being the first movie, “Kung Food 2” upkeeps the national quality production.  And different from the previous animations which focused on love and emotion, “Kung Food 2” sets its tone in creativity and grateful friendship.   That will surely bring a whole different movie experience to the majority fans.

“Kung Food 2” has been scheduled to be released on October 12 during the National Day holiday.  Let’s enjoy a “good smelling” Chinese animation together in this vacation.!!!

Source: Weiying Technology

Editor: Maggie

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