Chapeau FX Expands Operations, Renames as Chapeau Studios

(Top L – R) Karuna Venter, Lauren Mayer-Beug and Ben Looram. (Bottom L-R) Chris Gunn, Jesse Hoy and José Nuñez.

Building upon its core VFX and animation business, company moves into production, design, and IP development.

Chapeau FX has announced they have renamed as Chapeau Studios with the expansion of their core team from its VFX/animation foundation into production, design, and creative IP development (both for digital content & technology). Now heading Chapeau Studios are founders Ben Looram and Karuna Venter, along with creative director/partner Lauren Mayer-Beug, head of creative content development Jesse Hoy, head of film/video production José Nuñez, and business strategist Chris Gunn.

Founded by veteran VFX supervisor Ben Looram, Chapeau’s DNA is wired for highly confidential, pixel-perfect, R&D-driven projects, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with any creative team in any capacity. Chapeau Studio’s expansion builds upon the leadership team’s effects, design, and user experience backgrounds, adding increased capabilities to take projects from creative concepting & look development, into technical development & live production, all the way through post and activation.

Chapeau Studios was born out of Chapeau FX’s history of innovation which has helped bring to life category-defining and award-winning projects. Notably among them, Facebook’s customizable bespoke films – Friends Day, Birthday and Friendversary – for which Chapeau FX, led by Looram and Mayer-Beug, worked with Facebook engineers to develop a smooth, processing-light “dynamic compositing” methodology that rendered users’ personalized content into the films that Chapeau and Facebook created together.

“In many ways, Chapeau Studios is a natural progression of what we’ve built with Chapeau FX,” managing partner/experience design director Karuna Venter explains. “We’ve always worked outside of the lines, fearlessly investigating what-ifs and how-tos. That’s what we love, and Studios allows us to investigate and create from a deeper place.”

“Along with traditional disciplines, like visual effects and live-action production, we can do integrated explorations and problem-solving across media disciplines,” she elaborates. “We believe that the future of content is multi-modal, and Chapeau Studios is here to help brands transition into their own futures.”

With an emphasis on discovery and solutions, Chapeau Studios provides an integrated approach to collaborations with agencies, brands, networks and other content distributors who wish to capture the hearts and minds of audiences in a fractured landscape.

As creative director of Chapeau Studios, Mayer-Beug creates for a variety of media, in roles as varied as director, animator, photographer, designer, and conceptual lead. A RISD-trained artist and creative engineer, she is well-versed in illustration, design, and photography, which combine to inform her many years in animation and film. Throughout her career spearheading visual effects and design campaigns at major design and VFX houses, as well as in-house at brands like Beats and Apple, Mayer-Beug has played an instrumental role in creating wonder through visual storytelling. Keenly interested in ever-changing digital narrative formats, her honed eye and technical prowess pushed her to elevate creative for projects like Dr. Dre’s “I Need a Doctor” and Canon’s “Project Imagination” short films and proved uniquely valuable for the work she and Looram did for Facebook. For over 12 years, she has collaborated with Looram on ground-breaking projects serving millions of views and activations across all platforms and brings a new design leadership role to Chapeau Studios.

“Chapeau Studios is about custom tailoring each experience for clients who increasingly come to us to make things from genesis stage,” Mayer-Beug adds. “We approach from the fusion mindset of artist and engineer and feed off of invention. This is our happy place.”

Hoy, who joins Chapeau Studios as head of creative content Development, was most recently a content producer with Apple. As director of development at Superjacket Productions, Hoy developed TV show ideas, connected with new talent, and managed relationships with networks and buyers. He was also the showrunner for Big Breakfast’s Fatal Decision and produced 52 four-minute episodes for Verizon’s Go90.

Nuñez, who leads the live-action production expansion, is a veteran live-action producer known for his ability to plan and execute complex shoots across the globe for leading brands. He brings years of experience producing shoots for directors at companies like MPC, Caviar, and RSA to Chapeau Studios. He is also a founding partner of SpaceNative, specializing in immersive media and emerging technologies.

Gunn has worked with clients across key digital media sectors both via his own consulting company and in-house at companies operating at the intersection of technology, communication and entertainment, including UFan8, Digital Communications Group, and Poynt. He has also held executive business development roles with both startups and well-established media companies, including an advisory role at Twitter.


Source: Chapeau Studios

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