Cast announced for Aardman/Netflix holiday special ‘Robin Robin’

Netflix and Aardman have 】announced the voice cast for their upcoming stop-motion animated musical holiday special Robin Robin. Created and directed by BAFTA® winner Mikey Please and Dan Ojari with a script by Ojari, Please and Sam Morrison, the special is currently in production at Aardman’s award-winning UK studio in the UK and will feature the voice of Bronte Carmichael as the titular Robin alongside Gillian Anderson, Richard E. Grant and Adeel Akhtar.

Robin Robin (Aardman/Netflix)

Robin Robin is produced by Helen Argo, whose prior work with Aardman includes the Tate Movie Project and Wallace & Gromit’s Musical Marvels., and exec produced by Sarah Cox (Tate Movie Project, Heavy Pockets).

When her egg fortuitously rolls into a rubbish dump, Robin is raised by a loving family of mice. As she grows up, her differences become more apparent. Robin sets off on the heist to end all heists to prove to her family that she can be a really good mouse – but ends up discovering who she really is.

The special will be joining an ever-growing slate of high-quality animated content on the platform – including Sergio Pablos’s Klaus, Kris Pearn’s The Willoughbys, Glen Keane’s Over The Moon, as well as Aardman’s own Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon and Shaun the Sheep: Adventures from Mossy Bottom – when it is released in 2021.

Robin Robin (Aardman/Netflix)

Voice cast

Bronte Carmichael will voice Robin. When her egg falls from the nest, Robin is adopted by a family of mice, and raised as one of their own. Not quite a bird and not quite a mouse, but full of determination. Robin sets out on an adventure to prove herself and just maybe, get a sandwich.

Adeel Akhtar voices Dad Mouse, a caring but cautious soul who is single-handedly raising a family of five children (one of them happens to be an adopted bird).

Richard E. Grant will voice Magpie, an obsessive collector of shiney ‘stuff’. Magpie takes Robin under his ‘wing’, on a journey of self discovery. Underneath his many ruffled feathers he really is a good egg.

Gillian Anderson voices Cat. The villain of our story who just so happens to know a place where everything is welcome, her tummy!

We’re completely thrilled with the array of talent who have agreed to help us make our vision for Robin Robin a reality. Bronte has incredible warmth in her voice and we feel so fortunate to have her at the heart of the film. When Richard signed up, we had to pinch ourselves. We’d had pictures of Withnail pinned to our development wall throughout the writing and designing of his character and, having now worked with him, remain convinced that if he were to have a spirit animal, it’d be a magpie.

We’ve been fans of Adeel ever since his perfect turns in Four Lions and Utopia and he brought that perfect mix of awkwardness and impeccable timing to Robin Robin. And very few people have the ability to authentically purr like a cat. Fantastically, Gillian is one of those blessed few. Having Gillian purr and snarl at us was one of the most thrilling experiences of our lives thus far.

Robin Robin will premiere on Netflix for the 2021 holiday season


By: Ben Mitchell/Skywigly

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