Fight, shift, and survive as figures from international legends and face the Dominion in this action packed title.

SRG Studios is excited to announce that their online co-op, bullet heaven roguelike, Champion Shift, launched into full release on Steam, with the PlayStation port on track to release later this year. This high-octane title has seen a number of exciting updates since it first released in early access back in April, including a new champion, new abilities, and new stages.

It’s Payback Time

Awaken as the fabled King Arthur Pendragon, a captured celestial champion locked in a lab for experimentation. Begin your adventure and take a stand against the Dominion, the oppressive organization that’s taken over the mortal realm and looks to increase their might through stolen powers and ancient relics. Fight back, free your fellow legends, and settle into your new-found car-shifting ability as you battle past the hoards of enemies sent to stop you and bring you back under Dominion control. Band together with other famed fighters like Athena, Sun Wu Kong, Gilgamesh and others as you work your way across different maps, completing missions, increasing your power, and felling stage bosses before finally taking on the final boss and putting a stop to the Dominion.

Transforming Powers

Experience what Champion Shift has to offer the roguelike genre with its captivating characters, unique playstyle expressions, and powerful abilities to outfit your loadout. Feel the thrill of pedal to the metal as you swap between car and champion, upgrading your kit for both as you take on the Dominion army. Chill to the bone your enemies with the Kiss of Poliʻahu, wield the crashing waves of Ryujin’s Aura, and muster up the might of a Minotaur, while installing machine guns, rocket launchers, and dual blades to your car’s frame. Over 20 different abilities and seven unique champions are waiting to be discovered in your fight against domination, or fight alongside up to three additional players in online co-op and take on the Dominion together.

What’s New!

Since first releasing in early access this year, Champion Shift has seen a number of updates, changes, and new additions. In the current game, players can:

  • Play as the infamous outlaw, Jesse James, the latest addition to the legendary cast of playable characters that currently include Athena, Gilgamesh, Tomoe Gozen, Sun Wukong, and Vejigante.
  • Collect sixteen ancient and powerful Relics that provide permanent stat boosts through the new Relic system – special quests for each stage.
  • Discover six new Celestial Gifts, expanding the original arsenal of upgradable abilities to include the Wings of Quetzalcoatl, Enki’s Protection, the mighty sword of the legendary paladin Roland, Durendal, and more.
  • Battle through seven more stages, bringing fifteen total unique maps to the game. These new areas can be found on each biome tied to the Relic system.
  • Take on a new Boss, TR-3Y, and see if you have what it takes to take down this new Dominion creation.
  • Encounter four new stage missions, as they bring new mechanics and challenges to each map encounter.
  • Select the next destination and customize game difficulty, unlocking permanent access to any completed biomes and stages, as well as new difficulty levels.
  • Gather fragments and put together Summon companions, Dominion machines that will aid you in battle.
  • Enjoy two new original musical scores for the Alpine and Volcano biomes, with night and day variations, as well as updated music for the final boss encounter.
  • Access additional languages for the game, now supporting English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Italian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), and Russian.

Champion Shift is available for purchase now on Steam. Keep up with the latest in Champion Shift news through the official website, X, and YouTube.

About SRG Studios

SRG Studios was founded in 2013 with a focus on developing mobile games. Known for games like, Ink Inc., Heroes Inc., and Sausage Wars, their games have been downloaded over 200 million times. The release of Champion Shift will mark their transition from a mobile games developer to developing games for console and PC.

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