CAPCOM Announced that “Rockman” will be Made into a Hollywood Live Action Movie

Recently, Capcom officially announced that its classic 2D horizontal action game series “Rockman” will launch a Hollywood live-action movie, tentatively named “MEGA MAN”.

Previously, there was news that the real-life movie version of “Rockman” will be released. The official official confirmation of this news. The film will be produced by Shang Chening Entertainment, which was involved in the production of “The Rise of the Orbs”, and Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman will be the writer and director. Capcom said that he hopes the film will attract both fans and ordinary movie lovers.

The latest work of the “Rockman” series “Rockman 211” has been released, landing on the PS4/Switch and XboxOne platform, the player response is quite good, perhaps Capcom wants to explore the possibility of the “Rockman” IP .


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