Beijing Animation Festival | Global Digital Creations Holdings Limited To Cultivate Metaverse Talents And Advance Together With The Digital Industry

Every day we see new developments in digital technology, and the digital culture industry is in full swing. In order to further nurture future talents for the digital technology industry, to assist the development of regional digital economies, to assemble and discuss the methods and approaches to cultivating metaverse talents, and deepen cooperation between schools and enterprises, the Beijing Animation Festival 2022 was held at Beijing Science Center on August 7. Wang Hongpeng, Managing Director of Global Digital Creations Holdings Limited (GDC), Executive Director of Beijing Shougang Fund Co., Ltd. and Founder of the Gold Lotus Award, made a deep analysis and invited discussion on the form, present condition, prospects and trends of animation vocational education and the development of regional digital economies.

New fields compel technological advancements

Countless opportunities for high quality talents 

In his keynote speech, Wang Hongpeng pointed out that, looking back on the history of Internet development, each big innovation divides an era–everyday life, experience, and value perception have all changed drastically; Under the digital economy era, metaverse will not only become the next growth point of the digital economy, but it will also provide a new path for the digital transformation of society. In the heart of all this, animation digital talents will be the core element of metaverse infrastructure construction.

Following decades of development, metaverse-related technologies are widely used in many fields of entertainment and culture, architecture and medicine. Realistic 3D effects and immersive digital experiences are the embodiment of CG, VR and other emerging technologies that give life to the metaverse. This is the stage for tech elites who have mastered these emerging technologies. According to data from Baidu’s search platform, the frequency of searches related to visual design and VR technology is constantly increasing, and nearly 100,000 animation digital asset companies have entered the metaverse market in 2021. The industry’s rapid expansion has led companies to rapidly “recruit fresh blood” and generate huge demand for talents.

Since 2000, the first year GDC began its animation vocational training programme, GDC has been cultivating high-quality talents trained in digital media technology for 22 years, filling a large demand for talents in digital media fields such as film and television, games, animation, VR, and digital humans, empowering many animation enthusiasts and practitioners and helping them realize their dreams. Relying on GDC’s high-end Hollywood film and television industry content production standards, GDC has designed and developed an international leading digital media curriculum and trained more than 10,000 film and animation talents for the industry.

Beginning with talent training

GDC takes the first step towards entering the metaverse 

Wang Hongpeng pointed out that, in order to adapt to the developments of the new economy and new technology, China’s existing animation vocational education system has certain bottlenecks and needs, and the primary reason is that the focus of talents training in educational institutes cannot perfectly meet what the market demands. For animation students, many of the main software operations required by the animation industry are only learned and practiced in the classroom, which results in their relatively weak practical operation ability. However, under the “introducing real projects into the classroom, students practicing at the enterprise” mode of “school-enterprise cooperation”, students’ practical operation ability will surely be greatly enhanced.

At present, GDC is building digital assets with UE as the core. In the future, GDC hopes to continually support the metaverse industry through more school-enterprise cooperation, project sharings and high-end training of meta-universe talents. It is GDC’s greatest wish to collaborate with more schools and organizations and show them GDC’s strong efforts to promote Chinese traditional culture and spread Chinese stories!

In the future, GDC will also actively link up with high-quality metaverse development enterprises and establish the “Metaverse Talent Training Industry and Education Alliance” to promote multi-party technical exchanges, teaching seminars and talent training, encouraging a friendly environment of open cooperation surrounding the metaverse.

With the development of new infrastructure such as 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and virtual technology, as well as the accumulation of abundant industry data, we will only continue accelerating our pace towards approaching the metaverse. As more and more young communities become inclined to share their virtual worlds, the metaverse will continue to breed opportunities and challenges. GDC has already taken the first firm step towards exploring the metaverse. Remaining calm and unaffected by illusive hopes, GDC will continue to play to its technical advantages, actively planning the cultivation of metaverse talents and stride on side-by-side with the digital industry towards the future.

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