ARTE announces its new video game 30 Birds

With its colorful universe and scenery inspired by Persian miniatures, 30 Birds is an adventure game combining 2D and 3D perspectives within rotating lanterns.


To mark their selection for the Tiny Teams festival , publisher and co-producer ARTE and studios RAM RAM Games and Business Goose are proud to announce their new game 30 Birds.


A first reveal teaser is available here:

For any information request, please ontact us at this address ([email protected])

In 30 Birds, you play as Zig and explore Lantern City to find a way to rescue the Goddess Simurgh, creator of the Lanterns, after her sudden kidnapping. But first, you’ll need to gather her thirty birds, scattered in the many nooks and crannies of the lanterns.

On a path strewn with missions of all kinds, you will meet characters each stranger than the last, learn to play various musical instruments and develop your artistic soul.

Navigate through hand-drawn decors: each place is a beautiful landscape inspired by Persian miniatures. 30 Birds blends modern writing and ancient tales, infused with humor, nonsense and poetry, on unexpected electro ska rhythms sprinkled with middle-eastern quirks.

Play music with the djinns and they will help you in your quests, find new sounds to use with their instruments, collect birds on your phone and piece together clues to save the Goddess!

30 Birds will be available in 2024 and its demo is downloadable now on Steam:

A game by RAM RAM Games and Business Goose, written by RAM RAM Games. Produced by RAM RAM Games and Business Goose, edited and co-produced by ARTE France

Created in 1992, ARTE is a public European cultural television channel and a digital network focusing on creation and innovation. Over the past ten years, ARTE has co-produced and published multiple interactive creations such as the games Inua, Homo Bury me my love, Type:Rider, Vectronom, How to Say Goodbye, Family Bash, and To Hell with the Ugly.

After travelling to Istanbul, Coline, author and illustrator, and Laurent, self-taught programmer and music producer, brought back a candid love of Persian miniatures, with the idea of using them as backdrops for a video game. Together they founded RAM RAM Games.

Business Goose is the result of passionate gamers and creatives (Beau, Sander and Jonathan) meeting at university and bringing their love for video games as children to a higher level. They all began working together, with the help of 2D illustrator Antoine and game developer Steph, in 2022, and use the diversity of their expertise and talent to create, much like their team, this unique universe that is 30 Birds.

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