“Aquaman 2: The Lost Kingdom”

Produced by Warner Bros. Pictures and directed by James Wan, “Aquaman 2: The Lost Kingdom” is an epic action-adventure film that brings together an all-star cast, including Jason Momoa, Patrick Wilson, Amber Heard, and Nicole Kidman. The highly anticipated film is set to release on December 20th. Get ready for an exhilarating and thrilling cinematic experience!

The “Aquaman” film series tells the story of Arthur Curry, the heir to Atlantis and the protector of the underwater kingdom as the “Aquaman.” The new film will delve deeper into the adventures between Aquaman and his brother, as they face off against their formidable enemy, the Black Manta, who has become more powerful and possesses the ancient artifact, the Black Trident, capable of unleashing ancient evil forces. Together, they must battle the Black Manta and reclaim their family and kingdom in an epic showdown. Get ready for an action-packed and thrilling underwater adventure!


In the “Aquaman 2: Return of the King” production featurette, it showcases the creation of multiple worlds with its extraordinary imagination. Through the storytelling of the creators in the featurette, the magnificent and grand underwater kingdom unfolds before the audience’s eyes. In this way, all seven kingdoms of the “Aquaman” universe are revealed: Atlantis, Xebel, Fisherman’s Kingdom, The Trench, The Brine, The Outlands, and the lost kingdom of Necrus. Each kingdom offers its unique atmosphere and contributes to the rich and immersive world of “Aquaman.” Get ready to explore the vast and mesmerizing realms in the highly anticipated sequel!

The film’s set design combines elements of futuristic modernism and Greek classicism, creating a unique aesthetic. The behind-the-scenes team also incorporated iconic scenes from real-world cities into the construction of Atlantis, adding a sense of familiarity for the audience. The residential areas, streets, and night markets adorned with vibrant and colorful lighting create a welcoming and relatable atmosphere. This blending of architectural styles and the incorporation of familiar urban scenes bring a sense of realism and connection to the fantastical world of Atlantis. Get ready to be captivated by the visually stunning and immersive landscapes in the film!

The advancement of “Aquaman 2” is also evident in its costume and makeup production. Richard Sale, the film’s costume designer, has upgraded the classic battle suit of Arthur Curry from the first film. While staying true to the original design style, the new suit is made with lighter materials to allow Jason Momoa to perform stunts and fight scenes more freely. It is worth mentioning that each beautiful golden-green scale on the suit is meticulously handmade by skilled craftsmen and sewn onto the costume by hand. The dedication to craftsmanship extends not only to the costume design team but also to the prop department, who have pushed the boundaries of their craft. The attention to detail and dedication to creating an immersive and visually stunning world is truly remarkable. Get ready to be amazed by the intricate and awe-inspiring costumes in “Aquaman 2”!

The scene creation of Necrus in “Aquaman 2” is of utmost importance. To portray the former glory of Necrus, the creative team constructed palace interiors in the studio with a medieval style. The interiors are adorned with smooth blue-green floor tiles, creating a visually stunning atmosphere. Additionally, there is a majestic throne that overlooks the entire grand hall, adding an epic and awe-inspiring touch to the scene. The attention to detail and the grandeur of the set design truly bring the world of Necrus to life. Prepare to be captivated by the breathtaking visuals and immersive atmosphere of this magnificent kingdom in “Aquaman 2”!

In the present, Necrus is depicted as being frozen and covered in ice and snow. To achieve this effect, the crew used artificial ice and snow to completely cover the palace, with ice columns hanging from the walls and an icy shell enveloping the entire set. The floor is scattered with white snow, creating a chilling and eerie atmosphere. To enhance the sense of evil and mystery in the kingdom of Necrus, the crew incorporated many of their own iconic elements. Numerous new dark creatures make their appearance, providing the audience with heightened visual stimulation. Brace yourself for a visually stunning and thrilling experience as you witness the evil and mysterious world of Necrus in “Aquaman 2”!

To create the fortress of the Outlands, where Orm is imprisoned, the production team utilized the L soundstage at Warner Bros. Studio, covering an area of 4,515 square meters. They constructed a prison set filled with sandstone corridors, symbolizing its remote location far from water sources and buried deep beneath the Sahara Desert. Eerie flickering firelight illuminates the surroundings, while the prison is guarded by ominous and skeletal-like creatures, known as the iconic creations of the Outlands. Get ready to delve into the treacherous and mysterious world of the Outlands, where danger lurks at every turn in “Aquaman 2”!

In the film, the production team also recreated the icy landscape of Antarctica, which serves as the stronghold of Black Manta. To portray the Antarctic environment within a British production studio during the summertime, the art department utilized two soundstages and outdoor studio locations. They mimicked the visual effects of ice using candles, creating a frozen tundra of ice and snow. In order to achieve a perfect replication of the icy terrain, the production even caused a nationwide shortage of candles in the UK. As a result, the visual effects team had to travel to local supermarkets in Sweden to purchase hundreds of white candles. The dedication to authenticity and attention to detail truly bring the chilling and awe-inspiring Antarctic setting to life in the film. Prepare to be transported to the frozen world of Black Manta in “Aquaman 2”!

The film also achieved technological innovation in underwater cinematography with the introduction of Eyeline Studio technology, breaking the limitations of blue screen for actors, camera work, and framing that existed in the first film.

Eyeline Studio incorporates 136 cameras that cover the actors from head to toe, providing real-time capture of their expressions and movements on plasma screens within the chamber. This allows actors to have more freedom in executing their actions and react to each other’s performances. This technology enables the seamless execution of more challenging and intense battle scenes, delivering an unprecedented and visually stunning experience for audiences on the big screen. Get ready to be amazed by the groundbreaking visual spectacle in “Aquaman 2”!



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