“Ant-Man and the Wasp” Previewing, the Wasp Maximizing her Fighting Capacity

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Marvel Pictures’ new superhero blockbuster “Ant Man 2: The Hornets Female Appearance” will land on the National Theater on August 24. On August 21st, IMAX held the “Ant Man 2” advance viewing in Shanghai. The Hornets are the new highlights as a female host. Unlike many filmy women who need to save again and again, the Hornets have a high-cold and fascinating appearance. The fight is also first-class. The high-tech upgrade has given her tremendous energy. The Hornets, who have a great fighting power, have applied the super power and the scientific power to the extreme.

Separate for three years, the Ant-Man seri es returned to the big screen again, winning massive acclaims with fascinating fighting sequences and a great number of punch lines. This time, when the eloquent ant-man came across the lofty Wasp girl, their interactions are hilarious, leading to most of the punch lines in the movie. In the combat, the ant-man no longer fights alone this time, the identity the Wasp as the heroine is a new highlight. Unlike the weak heroines in other films who need rescuing again and again, the Wasp has a first-class fighting capacity with a lofty and charming appearance. Granted with tremendous energy by the upgraded high-tech,  the Wasp maximizes her fighting capacity, applying her super-power and technological force to the extreme. In face of dangerous situations, she stays unflappable. The Wasp also presents her excellent drag-racing skills, converting between different sizes and shapes instantly, shrinking to a grain of rice to walk on the blades, which demonstrates the strength of females. The ant-man also grows this time, turning into a giant ant overlooking the Cruise at one point, which demonstrates that the new talent in the last film who makes mistakes from time to time are now able to fight alone.

It is worth mentioning that Ant-Man and the Wasp is 2.35:1 in proportion on the general screen while the director has specially converted a lot of wonderful shots for IMAX, and will present it on the IMAX big screen at a ratio of 1.9:1. It enlarges the frame by 26% compared with general versions, enabling viewers to follow the two superheros, transitioning between macroscopic and microscopic worlds. After viewing the film, some audience commented: “The IMAX big screen suits the ant man a lot, as he can adapt his sizes flexibly. When he shrinks, you can clearly see his whole body. When he grows, the huge screen fully presents the manner of a giant.”




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