“Alpha” Publishing Trailer “Beautiful Scenery”, Presenting Pre-historical Scenaries Worldwide

The prehistoric adventure of the IMAX 3D movie “Alpha: Wolf with the Way” after the release in North America, the audience’s word of mouth has risen all the way, attracting domestic netizens to look forward to, and the film exposed this week’s new “exquisite” version of the notice, in the notice of the wolf The accompanying scenes make people feel warm, and the beautiful scenes that make people suffocate are full of curiosity about this mysterious and beautiful prehistoric world.

The beautiful world opens up to the intoxicating prehistoric world

The story of “Alpha: The Way to Go with the Wolf” took place in northern Europe 20,000 years ago, when humans faced prehistoric creatures of various glacial eras and the harsh natural environment. The endless sky and the magnificent sunset in the notice make people feel that they can’t distinguish between the real and the illusory beauty. They are in the “excellent world” of the world, with the prairie scenery of Canada, and the southern Alberta. The wilderness and the natural scenery of Iceland’s far east.

The film’s final prehistoric scene is not only based on real-life shooting, but also the “foreign aid” of two special effects production teams. Producer Andrew Rona said the film will be an exotic fusion. “We have visual effects, but you don’t know where they appear. Without technical support, we can’t finish the movie. Also, without the elements of real framing, we can’t do that.”

The vast plains, the secret forests of the gods, and the Wanli Glacier are indeed not as beautiful as the human world, full of unknown dangers and amazing beauty. The lake that Koda and Alpha are fishing is pure and clear, it is a kind of The beauty of nature without any industrial modification; whether it is a mammoth in the sunset on the bank of the river, or a beast that is struggling to run on the snow, people can see the beauty of life and awe; and Alpha saves Kodak’s scene. It is impressive. The sea of the orchids and the white snow divide the picture up and down. The cold color and the “rescue action” of the combination of the wolves give the picture a special silence and touch.

Human wolves team adventure special combination under desperate

In the distant glacial era, humans hunt animals and animals also hunt humans, just as the trailer said, “our earth is still a cold and ruthless place.” In this world, different species fight each other and fight against each other. The weak meat is the only survival rule. In this environment, a single man who was declared dead by the tribe and a wounded lone who was abandoned by his companion, should be the opposite of the wolf relationship but “harmonious” anomaly, the same situation makes themgroup. The team became a “human wolf CP” together in a dangerous prehistoric world adventure.

In prehistoric times, food was the most precious resource for human beings. For Koda, who was alone in the wilderness, food was the same as life, and he shared the rare prey to Alpha, because for this kind-hearted teenager, together Living more than giving each other a food can give him the courage to survive. Alpha also regards this boy as his own partner. In the cave, it blocks the attack of wild bears for the teenagers. On the riverside, it divides the food it captures into Koda. This is gradually becoming a process for people and wolves to get along. The strongest embarrassment in each other’s lives.

It is reported that “Alpha: Wolf with the Way of Return” was produced by Studio 8, who invested in the film “The Midfield War of Billy Lynn” directed by Ang Lee, directed by Albert Hughes (“The Book of Avery”), Ke Steven Schmidt-McPh “X-Men: Apocalypse”), Leona Vieira (“Little Town geek Thomas”), Natasha Meerz (“Dungeon Siege 2”), John Nes Hawker Johann Nassen (“The Extreme City”) starred in the film, the film will be released on September 7th with 2D/3D / IMAX 3D/China Giant Screen 3D/4DX / MX4D.



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