AI-Powered Cygnus Enterprises Launches out of Early Access with Campaign Finale

Pioneering ARPG passes the Early Access finish line with new missions, weapons, and bosses

After a year of updates, expansions, and fine-tuning, hybrid base-builder/Action RPG Cygnus Enterprises is finally leaving Early Access on Dec 21 and launching in full for PC on Steam, alongside a launch-window discount and wave of new content.

Check out the Launch Trailer:

The launch patch brings more missions to Cygnus Enterprises’s dynamic campaign and rounds it off with a grand finale, while adding a host of new weapons, equipment, abilities, and more. Of course, these missions also mean new challenges, in the form of a new environment to traverse and new powerful enemies and bosses to face as well.

Now offering players a complete story-driven campaign to play through, Cygnus Enterprises is a hybrid Action RPG that features base management elements, set in the alien frontier world of Mytilus. Players battle hostile alien creatures, explore exotic locations, and gather resources to expand their base and unlock new powerful weapons and armor.

Recently, the game introduced a pioneering AI update where players could talk directly to NPCs in the game using their microphone, and have these characters chat back to them on almost any topic they could imagine.

Inworld discuss the revolutionary implementation of their AI tech into Cygnus Enterprises

Leveraging the power of Inworld AI, the feature was a landmark step forward in commercial games’ NPC conversations, with developers using it to enhance minute-to-minute gameplay in a number of important ways and players discovering uses for it that even the developers hadn’t thought up!


About Team Miaozi

Team Miaozi is a video game developer headquartered in Shanghai, China, and a subsidiary of NetEase Games.

About Inworld

AI developer Inworld has raised over $50m in venture capital as it strives to develop realistic AI-controlled characters to create engaging and immersive gaming experiences.

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