A number of Spider-Man appeared in the animated film “Spider-Man: Parallel Universe”

The new animated film “Spider-Man: Parallel Universe” jointly produced by Sony Pictures and Marvel Pictures will be launched on December 14, 2018. Recently, coincides with the 56th anniversary of the birth of the Spider-Man comic character, the film released a new stills. In the stills, Peter Parker made a tense battle posture, and the mysterious character wearing purple magnetic shoes attacked him strongly. Is this role an enemy or a friend? Will he be the Shadow Spiderman that will be voiced by Hollywood heavyweight actor Nicholas Cage? The film focuses on the growth of the “Little Black Spider” Miles Morales, who will also fight alongside Peter Parker. In addition, the film also broke out that there will be a number of Spider-Man appeared, the story is rich in content, igniting fans’ expectations.

Nicholas Cage joins Shadow Spiderman for a strong debut

The voice-over lineup of the animated film “Spider-Man: Parallel Universe” is very powerful. The American drama “Jie 茜 到” actor Jack Johansson will voice the spiderman Peter Parker, “Wolverine” Levi Srebor, “The Earth Thunder” Hayley Stanfield will be the big villain and the female spider Gevin. Recently, the film dubbing lineup added another blockbuster: Nicholas Cage, who will voice the Shadow Spiderman.

Shadow Spider-Man is one of the five dark versions of Spider-Man. The suit is black and mysterious. His birth background was set during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Peter’s uncle was brutally killed by businessmen because of his leadership strike. So Shadow Spider-Man specializes in combating some evil dark organizations. After a series of events, Shadow Spider-Man becomes the night. Let the criminals feel the horrible existence. The interaction between Shadow Spider-Man and other Spider-Man will also become the focus of spider fans.

“Little Black Spider” Miles C takes you to explore the new Spider-Man universe

The special status of Spider-Man in the hearts of fans is also reflected in the excellent achievements in the adaptation of the film. Sony Columbia Pictures has released a number of Spider-Man series, Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man trilogy is a pioneer of modern superhero movies; Andrew Garfield’s “Amazing Spider-Man” is more mature and gorgeous; The Tom Herald version is very youthful, and the properties of the little spider’s mouth can be fully utilized. The protagonist of “Spiderman: Parallel Universe” will be different from Spider-Man on any screen.

In fact, Spider-Man was once served by many people, and Miles Morales is the second Spider-Man in the ultimate universe. The identity of the African-American mixed-race also gave him the nickname of “Little Black Spider”. He is also the protagonist of “Spider-Man: Parallel Universe”. Myers and Peter Parker have many similarities – they are also bitten by mutant spiders and gain special abilities. When they become superheroes, they are teenagers, but the new identity will still bring us different things. Experience.

In addition to Miles Morales, we are familiar with the first generation of Spider-Man Peter Parker will also debut, the female version of Spider-Man Gwen Stacey will also be a surprise appearance, coupled with the latest exposure of Shadow Spider-Man. A series of spiders, a new “Spider-Man universe” has taken shape. It is worth mentioning that although in other universes, Peter Parker is a super-newcomer who needs the guidance of Iron Man, but in “Spider-Man: Parallel Universe”, he will be incarcerated as a “Little Black Spider” tutor, personally taught Miles became the secret of Spider-Man.




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