React, Adapt, Survive! Real-time RPG Scars of Mars is out Now!

Make split-second decisions to defeat enemies quickly in thrilling and satisfying battles.

ACQUIRE is proud to announce that Scars of Mars released on June 20th, for both Steam (PC) and Nintendo Switch.

About Scars of Mars

“Scars of Mars” is a real-time RPG set in space. This is an environment where every second counts and accurate instructions and decisions are important to survive. Battles progress in real-time and travel routes will branch off randomly, triggering events that force you to make immediate choices.

It is December 6, 2158. You are a commander in charge of a humanoid unit embarking on a top secret mission – rescue the survivors trapped in a Mars research facility that has gone dark, and return them to Earth.

Real-time Formation Battles

Core gameplay revolves around controlling four humanoids in real-time within a 3×3 grid area. Battles are highly strategic. As commander, you will decide who to control, in what order and whether to fight, dodge, heal or protect – all while the clock ticks down. Optimal positioning and timing precision will greatly aid your playthroughs!

Approach the depths of Mars

C1 (your codename) and four humanoids will enter the unknown to rescue D0 (the Doctor). Mutated creatures await your arrival.

Class x Frame x Weapon! Customize your humanoid!

Customize your humanoids to your desired specifications.

  • Class – the base type of your humanoid
  • Frame – determines your basic abilities
  • Weapon – affects your damage and range of strategies

For example, a melee-based attacker can equip two one-handed weapons to fight swiftly or use a two-handed weapon which increases the power of one-hit attacks. Whether you prefer fighting in close-range, have a defensive style or need a healer by your side, you’ll be able to customize all four humanoids around your specific playstyle.

Gain research points and expand your abilities

The strength of your entire unit can be heightened by spending research points that are obtained through exploration and battle. Some of the ways you can enhance your units are:

Formation – Temporarily boosts your status by aligning your humanoids in specific battle positions. This can buff your offense and defense

  • Special abilities – Powerful trump card-like effects. However its usage can be limited
  • Other research abilities – Improve attack or defense power
  • Combining research skills with your customized humanoids creates truly endless possibilities!

Game Information

Title: Scars of Mars

Platforms: Steam (PC), Nintendo Switch

Price: USD19.99, EUR19.50, GBP 16.75, CNY 76

Release date: 20th June 2024

Genre: Real-time RPG

Number of players: 1

Developer: ACQUIRE

Steam page:




*All screenshots were taken from the PC version of the game while still in development

*Information in this press release is current as of the date of the announcement. Content may change without notice


Since its founding in 1994, ACQUIRE Corp. has been committed to developing unique and unconventional games. Originally known for the stealth series “Tenchu” and action-adventure “Way of The Samurai” games, ACQUIRE’s most recent successes include JRPG “Akiba’s Trip” and the award-winning “Octopath Traveler” series, co-developed alongside Square Enix.

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