Preserve Steam Demo Now Available

Play Preserve Now! Steam Demo Now Available for the Cozy Puzzle Nature-Building Game

Košice, Slovak Republic – March 5 2024. Global publisher Grindstone is excited to announce the release of a free PC demo for the new cozy puzzle nature-building game Preserve is now available to download from Steam. Developed by Bitmap Galaxy, Preserve is a relaxing gameplay experience, in which you flourish a vibrant ecosystem by cleverly placing plants and animals to create a perfect symbiosis to your liking. Create diverse biome habitats with different natural environments, from alpine forests and arid deserts to stunning Caribbean reefs, each with its own animals and plants and, of course, challenges.

The Preserve Steam demo introduces the Continental biome (Savanna and Marine biomes are locked for now) and includes access to the Harmony (high score) mode, where players can play short and medium maps showcasing some of the gameplay mechanics. The long map with all the Continental mechanics, including card upcycling and natural wonders, will be locked for now. Fans can also access the first five puzzles in Puzzle mode and a limited Creative mode, where they can build and nurture their own landscapes.


About Preserve

Preserve is a puzzle nature-building game that takes players on a journey into a harmonious ecosystem. The objective is to foster and sustain a thriving and diverse biome, where each component coexists in symbiotic harmony. By utilizing strategic thinking and a keen eye for balance, players are granted the power to position a wide array of plants and animals, curating an environment that caters to their preferences and aspirations.

Vertical map expansion – In Preserve, you can expand the map not only horizontally, but you also possess the ability to stack layers of nature, forming a vertical network of interconnected habitats.

Diverse biome habitats – From forests and savannas to Caribbean reefs, each biome will have its own unique set of plants, animals, and environmental challenges to discover and overcome.

Multiple Game Modes – Besides regular harmony and puzzle game modes, creative mode lets you build the land without limitations, and photo mode allows you to capture and share your creations at the end of each session.

Natural Wonders – Nothing can beautify your map more than natural wonders like the snowy Alps, lavender fields or redwood forests, which you can acquire thanks to a unique card upcycle system.

Preserve will be released for PC in summer 2024. Fans can wishlist the game on Steam now.

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About Bitmap Galaxy

Bitmap Galaxy is a small game development studio based in Bratislava, Slovakia. They strive to make meaningful and amusing games that avoid any unnecessary realistic violence.

About Grindstone

Grindstone is a videogame production and publishing company with a strong background in game development based in Slovakia. It was founded in 2017 as a spin-off from the well-established Slovakian development studio Games Farm to create new opportunities and support game developers in delivering creatively and commercially viable games that can compete on global markets.


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