The universe of the sci-fi space RPG PHANTOM GALAXIES™ is ever-expanding, and as time goes on, the landscape will continue to grow.

Developer Blowfish Studios has released a Top 10 Tips and Tricks video of essential elements for all players to survive and excel in the galaxy, no matter the experience level. Mastery of such skills and techniques will be sure to maximize the player’s progression and enjoyment of the game.

Watch the PHANTOM GALAXIES™ tips and tricks video:

In the video, players will see a wide variety of strategies and techniques, such as how to optimize their loadouts, increase level-up speeds, specific attack and defense strategies, and controlled maneuvering, and that’s just in the first two tips! The Canis Major Galaxy can be a brutally unforgiving place riddled with space pirates and treacherous terrain – the faster players become familiar with the galaxy, the more rewards they will yield.

Key Features:

  • Take Cover!: The galaxy can be a warzone; stay aware of where cover is at all times to be one step ahead of incoming hostiles.
  • Say Hello to My Little Friend: Don’t forget about Ultimate abilities! Strategically deploy these charged attacks that unleash brute force or tactical opportunity on any target.
  • Equipment Perks: Different equipment has different perks that influence the overall performance of starfighters.
  • Bob the Builder!: Each starfighter has its unique features; mix and match attributes and abilities to see what works best.

PHANTOM GALAXIES™ is out now in Early Access on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and the official game site.

A full press kit containing logos, key art, and screenshots can be found here:

To stay updated on PHANTOM GALAXIES™, follow the game on Twitter and Instagram, join the community on Discord, watch the latest videos and streams on YouTube and Twitch, or visit the official website:

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