VR streaming “immersive” experience

Sandbox VR, LBVR experience manufacturer,  has announced the launch of the “Squid Game” VR experience project with Netflix, which has been unveiled in more than 40 Sandbox VR stores in the United States. In addition to launching offline VR experience games, “Squid Game” has been making frequent moves recently, involving flash mob immersive experience projects, and will soon launch a variety show.

The second season of the “Squid Game” is expected to launch in the first half of 2024. For such a two-year-old IP, in order to reunite the audience and create another “miracle”, Netflix is adding to the surrounding experience of the project to create new heat for the show.

“Squid Game” , the most popular streaming series of Netflix history, has achieved a horror score of 265 million views. Sandbox VR experience of the same name created by Sandbox VR, the “Battle Royale” games of “red light, green light” and “crossing the glass bridge” were reappeared to the audience.

Players can play the plot together in groups of more than two people, and they can cooperate with or compete with each other. After the experience, Sandbox VR will also provide a review of the play highlights.

The VR experience of the same name of “Squid Game” does not completely imitate the series, and Sandbox VR has added some produced mini-games to give new ideas to the experience, so as to create an entertainment experience that is different from the solemn atmosphere of the play. Netflix Glad that it allows Sandbox VR to use its creativity, ” the result is an incredibly engaging social experience.

Netflix are happy to work with Sandbox VR to bring “Squid Game” to life through VR. By using the power of virtual reality, fans can further immerse themselves in the world of the series and engage the thrilling games they are familiar with and love.

Netflix  will also launch the “Squid Game: Trial” project in Los Angeles on December 6. The experience allows participants to experience the high-intensity live competitions, and provide Korean video and beverage catering services, as well as squid game-themed stores and “night markets” to take photos.

Netflix  has also worked with game company Light & Wonder to launch a “squid game” themed “slot machine” game, including a variety of game mechanics in the show. The content will land in 2024.

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