New Spanish Animation Short Films. Spanish Talent in the Spotlight at Cannes

Madrid bars and galaxies far, far away. Love, pain, and the most complex questions of human existence. Awards, franchises, and box office successes. Spanish animation knows no borders. This has been demonstrated for years. Now it happens again with its incorporation into the most important festival in the world for an unprecedented meeting. Welcome to Revelations New Spanish Animation Short Films at Cannes 2023.

Spain is the guest of honour country of the Marché du Film during the 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. Animation, which has brought so much joy to Spanish, European and global cinematography, will hold a special place at this festival with a selection of the most outstanding works of today.

New Spanish Animation Short Films will be held within the framework of Animation Day. The program organized by ICEX and curated by Carolina López, includes some of the best Spanish short films on the contemporary scene: world renowned artists, talents from the national industry and young promises that invite us to think about a glorious future. The exhibition will continue with Coming Soon, a segment made up of projects in different stages of development that will keep upgrading the Spanish industry.

The presentation closes with Rodrigo Blaas and the projection of Sith. The Spanish director will be present at Revelations. New Spanish Animation Short Films to show the short film he produced at his Madrid-based studio El Guiri Studios for the second season of the animated anthology Star Wars: Visions from Lucasfilm Ltd. It will be the first time that this work can be seen on the big screen. The session will conclude with a meet & greet where he will chat with those attending this exclusive event.

Regarding the outstanding presence of Spanish animation in Cannes, Carolina López has stated that “Spanish animation is synonymous with creativity, diversity, and talent. The short format is the ideal for experimenting in freedom and, in some way, represents R&D of the industry. This session shows the wide thematic, aesthetic, and technical range of an art and industry in expansion. It includes pieces in 2D, 3D and stop motion, by well-known authors, along with other emerging ones, with a common denominator: using animation as a form of personal expression, opening new avenues that expand a medium with incredible potential”.

About the director Rodrigo Blaas

Rodrigo Blaas is an Emmy-winning director, producer and animator with over 20 years of experience. He worked on successful animated films such as Blue Sky Studios Ice Age or Pixar’s Finding Nemo, Ratatouille and The Incredibles. He also was the show runner on the Guillermo del Toro acclaimed series Trollhunters, for Dreamworks and Netflix, which won six Emmy awards. Rodrigo Blaas recently wrote and directed an original Star Wars short film for the series Visions, which premiered on Disney+ in May 2023.

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