A Overview of New Year Movies’ Box Office List

At the end of 2018, the imported blockbusters “Aquaman” and “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” continued to maintain their heat. In 2019, the new domestic films “Call Calling”, “The Last Night of the Earth” and “Yunnan Worm Valley” also swept the domestic box office market.
A Still of “Aquaman”

The total box office of the DC superhero movie “Neptune” released by Warner Bros. exceeded 1.9 billion, with a comprehensive score of 9.1 points. The film was directed by Wen Ziren. On the first day of the show, the domestic box office reached 157 million yuan, and the first week of the box office reached 652 million yuan. In the case of the new film of the Lunar New Year, the film is still hot.

Ranked second is Marvel’s super-animated animation system “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”, with a total box office of 387 million and a comprehensive score of 8.7 points. The film was jointly produced by American Columbia, Marvel and Sony Animation Films. The word-of-mouth was bursting. The first-day box office was 44.01 million, and the first week was 179 million.

The domestic comedy film “Kill Mobile” led the New Year’s Day file, and the total box office has exceeded 300 million. The film was released on the fourth day of the box office over 100 million, and received a lot of praise, the comprehensive score of the Taobao ticket was 8.5 points.

The second place in the New Year’s Day file is the domestic plot love movie “The Last Night of the Earth”, with a total of 276 million box office and over 200 million box office on the first day of the show. The film was directed by Bi Wei, starring Tang Wei, Huang Jue, and Zhang Aijia, and brought the ultimate dream experience to the audience.

The domestic movie “Yunnan Valley” broke through 100 million at the box office, and the box office on the first day of the screening was 64.63 million. The film is a series of film works of “Ghost Blowing Lights”, which reshapes the mysterious underground world in the original book, and the box office continues to grow.

In addition, the “Indian Thugs”, “The Adventures of Fragments” and “Alibaba Three Blondes” have a total of 49.425 million, 46.625 million and 5.345 million, respectively, ranking fourth, fifth and sixth in the New Year’s Day. Among them, the Indian film “Indian Thug” received a comprehensive score of 8.1 points for the Taobao ticket, and the domestic animated film “Alibaba Three Blondes” was rated 7.4 points.

Poster of the Movie “Kill Mobile”


The following is the ranking of the Taobao ticket to the New Year’s file and the New Year’s movie box office:

Aquaman” (Warner Brothers) 1.904 billion

“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” (Sony) 387 million

Kill Mobile” (New Classics Media) 372 million

“The Last Night of the Earth” (Dangmai Films) 276 million

“Yunnan Valley” (Huayi Brothers Media Group) 136 million

“The Indian Thug” 494.25 million

“The Adventures of Fragments” (Beijing Weying Technology) 46.625 million

“Alibaba Three Blondes” (Beijing Fengshang Ruizhi Media) 5.345 million



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