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CGGE: Can you briefly introduce it to our readers, why did you think about establishing this science and fantasy fund? Which industries are the originators of the fund mainly from? What are the channels through which the fund is raised? Which companies/individuals can benefit from this fund?

SGF: Let’s start with the initiator. Our promoters come from various industries, and their backgrounds are different, covering science fiction creation, technology industry, cultural and creative industries, venture capital incubation, social welfare, media operations, cultural and educational undertakings, etc., but our common hobby is science fiction. . Therefore, this also answers the above question. The original intention we established at that time was based on this simple starting point.

At present, the fund collection channels of our fund are government, enterprises, associations and individuals. Although the sources of donors are different, the science fiction fund can collect not only funds but also industrial resources. The various activities organized by the Science Fiction Fund have achieved greater social influence and benefited all aspects of society in terms of benefits. For example, in the face of the public, science fiction is a very acceptable form of communication that can enhance the imagination of young people. And creativity, it is also a good science carrier, which is related to the field of education; in the field of culture and technology, relevant companies and individuals can participate in the events and activities of the science fiction fund to understand and understand the relevant industry information, such as Participants (including companies) will receive awards and bonuses in the event, as well as gain the attention of the science fiction industry, gain more opportunities for cooperation, and create opportunities for entrepreneurship and so on.

CGGE: Science fiction is not a very popular concept in China. Some readers or viewers are low on Chinese science fiction. So why did you choose to create a fund for this concept and support this industry?

SGF: Science fiction has always been a small concern in China, but this is because everyone is accustomed to using literature to define it. In fact, we see high-box movie, most of which are science fiction, but with recent years Chinese authors have successively won the Hugo Award, and Chinese-themed sci-fi movies will also be on the big screen, and the enthusiasm of science fiction is also rising. The deep reason why readers or viewers look down on China’s science fiction is that the science fiction industry has not formed. We are very weak from the source of this industry. For example, there is no raw material. The raw materials mentioned here are people, works, cores or people. Our sponsors have different concerns in the concept of science fiction because of the different backgrounds. In the perspective of the future development of science fiction, the prospects are huge, but at present, the gap is huge. To promote the development of the science fiction industry, there are many things that need to be done, not a company or an organization, but Rely on the power of society. As a non-profit organization, we are doing more basic work, fostering and cultivating talents. This is the root cause of solving the current dilemma.

CGGE: You have also actively participated in many international exchanges. In the process of communication, what do you think of the characteristics of China’s science and fantasy creation compared with European and American countries? What do you think is the main role of this science and fantasy fund in promoting China’s entire industry?

SGF: In terms of science fiction creation, we have a lot of room for improvement in quality and quantity compared with developed countries such as Europe and America. However, Chinese science fiction also has its own characteristics, mainly cultural and thinking differences, so in terms of experience. It is quite different from existing foreign works, and it is a Chinese story element. Domestic readers are more likely to resonate, and foreign readers are more likely to understand Chinese culture. The science fiction fund is very active in the science fiction industry, especially in cultivating and excavating talents, popular science education, industrial resource docking, etc. Through a series of activities, the social influence of science fiction is enhanced, and different companies and different people in the industry are linked together. In order to generate greater value, from the past experience, there are many new projects or cooperation, which are generated or achieved on this platform. From the government perspective, the social influence generated by the input will feedback the society in a larger multiple. For example, works discovered through contests may form commercial value with a number of industry players, such as publishing companies, game companies, animation companies, film and television companies, derivatives companies, and even technology companies and education companies to form content products. Promote the sound development of the industry.

CGGE: Your brand “Morning Star Original Science Fiction Competition” is the first competition brand in China with the original science fiction content as the core and the first public welfare funded sci-fi creation mode; it has been held for 3 years. What are the main beneficiaries of this competition? In the past three years, what are the biggest help for the winners and participants?

SGF: We have held four consecutive events so far, namely Morningstar Science Fiction Original Literature Competition, Morning Star Science and Technology Original Art Competition, Morning Star Film Industry Competition. Over the past three years, the contest has received more than 3,186 science fiction novels, science fiction scripts, art illustrations, and animated videos from more than 2,985 contestants across the country. The total number of entries has totaled more than 3,000 million words, and the total prize money and grants have exceeded RMB 1.5 million. More than 50 potential sci-fi creative talents were discovered, and 18 works were published and published. It has attracted extensive coverage from mainstream media in the country, affecting more than 25 million people. It has become China’s leading sci-fi IP original platform and one of the most influential top events in China’s science fiction circle. Among the beneficiaries, the biggest beneficiary is the author of the Morningstar original science fiction contest. We focus on the new generation of authors, support them to create, including writing guidance, financial support, etc., and then transform the work into a commercialized result, which has produced a lot of value. At the same time, in the process, it can also improve the overall level of creation, and provide a vibrant soil for the development of science fiction related industries in the future. We do our best to boost the winners and participants to a higher level and promote each other’s growth with our participants. This is our help to the participants and a process of mutual influence.

CGGE: Why did you choose Shenzhen as the location of this fund?

SGF: As the frontier of China’s reform, Shenzhen has always had the cultural genes of bold imagination and courage to explore. At the same time, Shenzhen, as the highland of China’s high-tech industry, has a natural fit with the science fiction industry. Science fiction is not only the most promising cultural industry, but also greatly promotes science and technology and cultural innovation. It also has substantial guidance from the Propaganda Department of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Sports, the Civil Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Science and Technology Association, and the Shenzhen Publishing Group. Help and support, for a public welfare fund from the private sector, gave us the soil and nutrients suitable for growth; at the same time, Shenzhen is a city with special sci-fi temperament, the city is in a stage of rapid development, changing with each passing day, many high-tech new Things are constantly emerging and are constantly coming to market. In addition, Shenzhen is also a test field for reform and opening up. The core of science fiction is to liberate the mind and break the rules and regulations. It is a city with natural science fiction genes.

CGGE: Your team has many top talents in the industry, such as Mr. Wang Jinkang, Academician He Zhibin, etc. What makes these experts come together to serve this fund?

SGF: This is driven by the core value of our fund: stimulating the imagination of the public and enhancing national creativity. Imagining and creating these two cores to attract the elites of culture, technology, and education industries to work together, so that we have ample external interface; its emergence is not only an innovation in the field of Shenzhen culture, but also a domestic science fiction. A new exploration of the field.

The existing sci-fi creations in China are basically only the internal affairs of the literary publishing field. On the one hand, they have not yet opened up the upstream and downstream industrial chain of the cultural and creative industries, and on the other hand, they have not established a positive interaction with relevant scientific and technological innovation enterprises. Regardless of science fiction or popular science creation, the reality of science and technology, technology products and scientific research results are the soil for their growth. As a motor of technological innovation under the conditions of market economy, all kinds of technology enterprises need to introduce and spread a large number of new technologies; on the one hand, the authors can enrich their writing materials and find inspiration by understanding the development of these science and technology. Their whimsy can often be fed back to relevant companies to provide new ideas for their technical iterations and application development. By introducing technology companies into the promotion and awarding of science and science fiction literary creation awards, promoting the positive interaction between the cultural industry and the high-tech industry will create a win-win situation in this field.

Therefore, no matter from the quantity, volume, concentration or organic combination with the industry, there are still some shortcomings in China’s existing science and science fiction related competitions. The market needs a strong capital as a support and based on The science and technology innovation city, the public welfare nature, and the promotion of the industry have emerged. The science fiction fund has found a new entry point to slice the Chinese science fiction industry and quickly establish authors, readers, downstream industries, media and government. The composite link creates an industrial chain in a short time.

CGGE: In the future, what are the more measures or methods for promoting the sci-fi fund, including the sci-fi interest in cultivating Chinese people, to enhance the visibility and influence of the fund?

SGF: We have already launched the “Verne Plan” with the French Nantes Science Fiction Festival, which will train a group of sci-fi authors to communicate with France. It will also continue to enhance its brand influence through Morningstar’s original science fiction contest, futures, STICK forum, and science fiction salon gatherings. In the future, we will begin research on the science fiction industry, create a whole industry chain of popularization, commercialization, and academicization, and enhance social influence.


Science & Fantacy Growth Foundation


Science & Fantacy Growth Foundation


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“Morning Star Original Science Fiction Contest”


The 28th National Book Exposition


“Verne Plan” Signing Ceremony


2018 China Science Fiction Conference


Sino-French Art Masters Science Fiction and Imagination Exhibition


Sino-French Art Masters Science Fiction and Imagination Exhibition


Sino-French Art Masters Science Fiction and Imagination Exhibition



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