The Popular Chinese Animation “Youth Songs” Announced to be Released on Dec. 26th

The Chinese Animation “Youth Song” which has already aroused a lot of expectations in domestic animation fans announced that it will premiere at the two platforms of iQiyi and Bilibili on December 26th.

With only a few paragraphs of PV, it won a lot of fans on Bilibili, thus being called “Popular before being Broadcast”. “Youth Songs” stays a leading level in subjects of the same category in the hard technical index , artistic expression, or in speculating the aesthetics of the young generation audiences of ancient style anime, in the near future. Judging from the support from the two platforms of iQiyi and Bilibili, “Youth Song” has undoubtedly received universal acclaims from the industry.

It has Become a Popular Chinese Animation with PV Alone, and will be launched on both platforms simultaneously.

It is reported that “Youth Songs” will broadcast three episodes in succession on December 26th while the subsequent updates will be in the form of weekly broadcasts. In addition, according to a staff member of the production department, as a Chinese 3D animated drama jointly recommended by iQiyi and Bilibili, “Youth Songs” will satisfy the fans not only in a single episode but on the total number of episodes of a single season.

It has begun considering the feelings of fans before being launched, which is not the precaution of “Youth Songs”. In fact, since the release of the first official version of PV, “Youth Songs” has attracted a large number of fans on Bilibili, which is a “Popular before being Broadcast” work. Up to now, the show has gained more than 300,000 viewing times at Bilibili with only a few PV. In the videos recently released on Bilibili  that counted Chinese animated dramas, “Youth Songs” is included. Since the work has not announced its release information after its PV has been released, a large number of fans began to press the release time of it in PV barrage and commenting area.

Judging from its current popularity, “Youth Songs” has become the most anticipated domestic 3D animation at the end of 2018. As to what results it can achieve after being launched, it will be exposed soon on iQiYi and Bilibili.

Breaking through the Bottleneck of 3D Animated Drama, the Show Set a New Standard for Domestic Animation

In recent years, due to the popularity of 3D engine technology and the decrease in the cost of 3D animation production, and a large number of animation training courses can generate 3D animators in masses without many art skills, etc., in the domestic animation drama circle, 3D is gradually becoming the mainstream. However, Chinese 3D animation, which is gradually spreading, has also revealed drawbacks like uneven quality, lower-age oriented aesthetics and plot.

It is true that making a 3D animation that reaches the standard of being able to be broadcast has a lower cost and a shorter production cycle than that those of 2D. But this does not mean that 3D animation is synonymous of “Cheap Instant Food” in the industry. In the global market, animation companies represented by Disney and Pixar are now known for their 3D technology.

Fortunately, there are still “technical” works like the “Youth Songs” in the domestic animation industry. Judging from the PV segments exposed, “Youth Songs” uses motion – capturing technology in production, especially the more expensive facial capturing, so that the facial expressions and fighting actions of the characters in the drama reach an unprecedented level among domestic 3D dramas. This is evident from the large number of character close-ups in the PV and the slow motion shots in battles.

Besides, “Youth Songs” also has an advantage in modeling, materials and rendering technology over the works of the same period. It can be seen that whether on the skin of the characters, the looming subcutaneous blood vessels, the texture of the hair, clothing, weapons or the presentation of various special effects in combat or special scenes, “Youth Songs” have the same quality as blockbusters.

It can be said that with such a high-quality picture performance, “Youth Songs” can be regarded as a technical benchmark for 3D domestic animation drama production.

The Behind-the-Scenes Team is Favored by Capitals and may Launch the Pan-Entertainment Industrial Layout.

In addition to being sought after by fans and spectators, “Youth Songs” and the producer behind it – China Year International Culture Co.,Ltd. are also favored by the domestic animation capitals.

Tracing the past of the production team, we can see that its previous work “Crimson Skies” jointly produced by Tencent Animation and Bilibili have received more than 12 million broadcasts and 491,000 audiences on Bilibili, which has already been an outstanding result for an animation that is charging. However, in the industry, the film company China Year is known for its low profile. As it is rarely exposed to the media lens, many audiences and fans of the animation “Crimson Skies” are still not clear about the production company, or new works of the team.

More importantly, comparing “Crimson Skies” with “Youth Songs”, you can see the improvement of technical strength of the production company China Year in less than two years. More than a year ago, “Crimson Skies” is only one of the most outstanding ones in 3D domestic dramas while “Youth Songs” can exceed the rest in the 3D domestic animation.

A team with superb production strength, self-transforming at a very high speed, and able to focus on polishing of the work- How can such an animation team not favored by the capitals? It is precisely because of this that we can see today that the new work “Youth Songs” of China Year’s efforts for years has been recommended by Bilibili and IQiYi, and even the producers have also obtained investment from these two platforms.

After gaining the favor of the industry’s capitals and having sufficient financial support, China Year also expressed its intention to launch pan-entertainment layout year by year, relying on IP such as “Crimson Skies” and the latest popular work “Youth Songs”, collaborating with more industry capitals and trying out different business forms such as games, music, stage plays, blockbusters and derivatives. As is learned, in addition to the authorized adaptation of games of the same name, “Youth Songs” will also announce its specific measures for future pan-entertainment strategic cooperation.

 Source: Sina


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