《The Boy and the Heron》

With the release of “The Boy and the Heron,” the 83-year-old Hayao Miyazaki has once again treated the world with his manuscript. This long-running animated masterpiece, which may well be his last, is a film for the audience, but more likely written for Miyazaki himself.

The whole process of the film is more like a witness who tells his experience, his life choices, and the truth that he finally found.  It is just that these very deep things are integrated into a fairy tale world and revealed to everyone in a gentler way.  But the profound meaning contained in it is worth every audience to ponder and understand in combination with their own experience, which is the crystallization of Miyazaki’s grandfather’s wisdom.

The film describes the protagonist’s amazing adventure into the “ideal world” in the mysterious tower. But those 40 minutes are actually the essence of Miyazaki’s life wisdom, and he has integrated his thoughts about life into the disclosure of this “ideal world.” Every person, every object, every scene, every scene, every word, every line, conveys the true meaning of life that Miyazaki Hayao, as an experienced old man and a wise scholar, has discovered.

The “ideal world” is because of its ideal, so some of the events that happen in it may be Miyazaki wanted to do but failed to achieve, or he realized another way of life in hindsight, perhaps with some regrets.  But behind the regret is that he wants to give these life wisdom to young people.  Because the new young people are the new driving force for the development of the world, Grandpa Miyazaki hopes that the new young people can live a life of their own, so that they can bring the world into a truly ideal world.
The prevailing mode of family survival in today’s society is that ancestral wounds are suppressed at the beginning of their development, and then passed on from generation to generation, constantly bearing the burden on generations after generations.
These wounds only continue to inherit and accumulate, but the essential problem is not resolved at all.  Generations have long been overwhelmed, but no one is brave enough to break the pattern.
But now is the time for the awakening of the human heart, and it is time to break this pattern of delayed trauma of unnecessary consumption.  The rapid outbreak of mental illness also means that it is time to face all this.
Jump out and be the one who is brave enough to say no, to be the one who lives for himself, then it is truly good for himself and for every member of the family.  When you can bravely take this step, it is precisely when the accumulated family wounds begin to dissolve, and the ancestral wounds will be terminated here.

Everyone’s soul wants to live their own life, and only want to live their own life.
The specific definition of this life is no unified standard, focusing on the word “oneself”, because as long as it is responsible for their own life is the most happy life.
To be responsible for oneself is to face up to the true self, while no longer taking any responsibility for the trauma of the family, no longer making any unnecessary sacrifice for the negative sexual energy of the past.


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