From the launch of the Young Audience Content Fund in April, there has been an extremely positive response from the animation sector – exceeding expectations, and financial and evaluation targets.

Well over one hundred applications for productions and development support have been received, and awards made in the first 6 months of the Fund will be publicised in an Autumn slate announcement. Applications include animation and mixed media titles, with target audiences from pre-school to teen, and present very exciting new PSB offers.

The YACF team have expressed that they are on hand to respond to any questions, and provide rapid feedback during the application process, should applicants wish to get in contact.

Animation UK is among the companies represented on the YACF Steering Group, which plays a significant role in overseeing and advising on Fund strategy.  We will provide feedback for our members on the process, and any challenges, including raising investment in a tough, competitive market. Animation UK also plans to provide Member briefings on the subject.

“With such a successful start there will also be an early address to planning for sustainability and continuity. After a prolonged drought for investment this fund has provided huge and positive injection of investment, a position Animation UK lobbied actively to achieve, we are all looking forward to seeing the results on our screen and the audience accessing exciting new content.”

– Kate O’Connor, Executive Chair, Animation UK

Fund Director Jackie Edwards also confirms:

“We are delighted to see such a positive response to the Fund, such genuinely exciting proposals and a real sense of the production sector and broadcasters working together to make this a success.”

Jackie Edwards, Head of Young Audience Content Fund

At the Encounters Film Festival this month there will be a panel discussion, featuring Fund Development Executive Harriet Williams who will be on hand to answer questions and provide details on how to engage with the fund. The Fund team also will be at number of other events around the country through Autumn and Winter, including Manimation the Manchester Animation Festival, and the Belfast Media Festival.

Source: UK Animation Alliance

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