“The Chivalrous Shen Jianxin” Won High Popularity, 3 T Technology of Sound & Shadow Animation Receiving Praises

On November 30th, the domestically-made tour adaptation work “The Chivalrous Shen Jianxin” co-produced by Xishan Yinghua and the sound and shadow animation, completed the last episode update. This animation was divided into 12 episodes for Zhou Ji, and finally Zhou The super-popular popularity of the weekly slaughterhouse ended perfectly. Many fans still want to see the second season and express their high recognition of the animation. The animation scored 8.9 points on Douban and 9.8 points on B. It was the first successful game in China.

(Photo: “Jian Wang 3 · Xia Gan Yi Dan Shen Jian Xin” Douban score)


This animation is made by the domestic emerging animation company, sound and shadow animation. In the production process, a large number of 3 rendering 2 (3D to 2D) technology is used. Before this work, they have produced the “Queen 3 God of War” “”, “Tuandi Friends” and other works have matured the application of this technology. The core is to use 3D technology to create animations, and to achieve traditional two-dimensional hand-drawn effects through rendering. The three-to-two technology makes 3D models and materials according to the traditional two-dimensional character setting. After rendering, the two-dimensional human silhouette is perfectly restored, and the precision is extremely high. It can be perfectly adapted to both an animated drama and an animated movie on the screen.

The advantage of this technology is also reflected in the production capacity. After continuous iterative upgrade, the annual production capacity of sound and shadow animation using 3T technology is 1500 minutes from 2017, and has doubled to 3000 minutes in 2018, effectively controlling the cost. Underneath, you can create an effect that animates the S-level 2D movie in the US.

This time, in the production of “Jian Wang 3 · Xia Gan Yi Bing Shen Jian Xin”, it reflects the high-quality production level of sound and shadow animation, the advantages of 3T technology are unobstructed, the speed is fast, the cost is low, the quality is high, and the final picture is very delicate.

(Photo: “Jian Wang 3 · Xia Gan Yi Dan Shen Jian Xin” works screen)


At present, 3 rendering 2 technology has matured and applied in the domestic animation market. This technology has obvious advantages and can bring a new round of production capacity to the Chinese animation market. I believe that under the constant update and upgrade of sound and shadow animation technology, this technology can be applied more widely in the future, bringing us more excellent works.

Source: China Animation News Network

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