World Artificial Intelligence Conference was held in Shanghai China from Sept 1-3, 2022

World Artificial Intelligence Conference was held in Shanghai China from Sept 1-3, 2022


Form Conference and Forum, Display and Exhibition, Contest and Award, and Experience of Applications

It has been 65 years since John McCarthy first proposed the concept of “Artificial Intelligence” at the Dartmouth Conference in the summer of 1956. The rapid development of AI technology has made it an indispensable strategic technology for the new round of technological revolution and industrial change, profoundly changing the way of production and life and thinking patterns of human beings and achieving an overall leap in social productivity. The breakthrough of AI technology is being made day by day, and the future once thought to be distant is being driven towards us.

As one of the leading regions in the development of artificial intelligence in China, Shanghai should give full play to the “Wild Goose Queue Effect,” take AI as an important driving force to comprehensively promote the digital transformation of the city, make greater strides in building a smart economy, creating a smart life, and shaping smart governance. With the accelerated establishment of Shanghai’s internationally influential “AI Highland,” the city is planning to become the best AI pilot land and a leading player.

The World Artificial Intelligence Conference has been successfully held for four sessions since 2018. On the occasion of its fifth anniversary, the WAIC 2022 will continue to uphold the concept of “Intelligent Connectivity,” play the important role of “technology leader, application showcase, industry accelerator, and governance council,” and build a platform for international cooperation and exchange through the online and offline exhibition. It will bring together top scientists, entrepreneurs, government officials, experts and scholars, international organizations, investors, and start-up teams to discuss cutting-edge topics and promote global “co-creation, co-building, co-integration, co-governance, sharing, and win-win” to further enhance the common welfare of mankind.




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