WILD BUNCH boards ‘ARCADIA’, an high-end sci-fi thriller


a sci-fi thriller TV series set in (not so?) bright future !


a brand-new high-end sci-fi thriller series set in a dystopian future,

where your everyday life is determined by your ‘citizen score’!

After the world survives the outbreak of a global catastrophe, a new society – Arcadia – emerges. Everybody has a citizen score, determining your rights and entitlements, and people are forced to stay healthy, focused and efficient.

Luz, Milly, Alex and Hanna, four sisters, all have excellent scores and are living “The Arcadian Dream”. But Luz is a little bit ‘different’ and her father Pieter fears she doesn’t stand a chance in this ruthless new world and its imposed minimum score… An impossible goal for Luz, who is special. Fail to make the grade and you’re expelled to the Outer World, beyond the walls of Arcadia.

To protect Luz, Pieter succeeds to alter her score, but after his crime is discovered, he is deported, banished from Arcadia, and the entire family penalized and under permanent surveillance, with their scores drastically lowered.

Will the women regain their security, or has an irreversible downward spiral begun?

Produced by jonnydepony (Blackout, Transport), this high-end European co-production with VRT, KRO-NCRV (NPO) and WDR/SWR features a stunning cast, including Lynn Van Royen (Beau Séjour, Tabula Rasa), Maarten Heijmans (Emmy winner for Ramses) and Monic Hendrickx (Heirs of the night).

More relevant than ever (with social scores already in place in some parts of the world) and with a unique mix of thriller, suspense and timely questions about democracy and the future of today’s society, this ambitious European premium new sci-fi thriller series will definitely appeal to wide audiences worldwide.

Season 2 is already in the works (currently at script stage).

8 x 45’ – Sci-fi Thriller

Produced by Helen Perquy & Philippe De Schepper / jonnydepony, in coproduction with VRT, KRO-NCRV (NPO) and in association with WDR/SWR and Wild Bunch TV.

Created by Philippe De Schepper (Blackout, Missing Persons Unit) & Bas Adriaensen

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