WELCOME TO THE UNIVERSE OF THE NET! Kolobanga Media reveals the new global project.

(NETSKI.THE UNIVERSE OF THE NET. Russian KOLOBANGA STUDIO makes a global animation project

NETSKI. THE UNIVERSE OF THE NET. Kolobanga Studio makes an animated franchise for the global distribution

INSIDE THE UNIVERSE OF THE NET. Russian KOLOBANGA STUDIO makes a global animation project.


“The Universe of the Net… Created in time immemorial by Great Magistral, it consists of innumerable planet-servers populated by sapient beings – Netski. On one of these planets, the archaic mail server, in their uncle’s house live 13-year-old VINCE and his younger sister LINKA.

Once they find out that their parents, the famous scientists, didn’t really die but abandoned them to create a terrible weapon – the transformation crystal. In the exciting and dangerous journey across the Net the kids learn the real truth: their parents were kidnapped by the virus-rootkit QUANT who wanted to turn all netski of the Universe into toys with their help. After fascinating adventures the children find Quant, in a fierce battle ruin his evil plans to destroy the Universe of the Net, and save their parents.”

That’s a synopsis of the NETSKI. The Universe of the Net – new animation project by Russian KOLOBANGA STUDIO. The project that promises to become a big thing in the world of animation industry.

Kolobanga Studio 

Kolobanga Studio was founded in 2013 in Moscow. The producer of the studio is the famous Russian showman and actor Alexandr Revva. Today, Kolobanga is a team of more than 50 professional enthusiasts, as well as hundreds of freelancers and partners from all over the world. The main goal of Kolobanga Studio is to create high-quality and cool media content for a global audience.

The world of Mojicons

The first studio’s project was The Mojicons: animated series and two feature films which were made in cooperation with Universal Pictures.

In fact, the studio was the pioneer of the theme “smileys’ adventures on the Internet”, – the first in the world, who had not only declared this idea, but also thought through its development in detail, its plot capacity and implemented it on a global level. Already at the start, the project was highly appreciated at international film markets and was recognized as a “hot peak” – that is, one of the most promising and original projects with a great future. For three years, The Mojicons’ distribution has covered more than 100 countries in Europe, Asia, America and Africa, including the largest audiences in the USA and China. To date, the entire ecosystem has been formed on the basis of The Mojicons brand, including a trademark (confectionery, toys, consumer goods and much more), websites, social media communities and smartphone apps, children’s performances and shows.

NETSKI – animated franchise about the Universe of the Net

Kolobanga Studio’s new international project is the major animated franchise NETSKI:

  • The feature films – animation blockbusters are united by the common theme and characters (3-5 movies are planned to be produced).
  • “NETSKI Kids” is the animated series for TV and digital distribution which is going to be broadcast between the release of the films.

NETSKI is a unique adventure fantasy epic project for the whole family, which combines the fantasy world of digital technologies and serious social values. NETSKI turns the Internet and the digital world into a fantastic reality, creating an emotional catching epos. The NETSKI Universe includes a variety of digital races, sets of characters and worlds the interaction of which will generate the plot. It makes NETSKI exclusively attractive from the point of view of visual and script components, as well as commercially.

The studio has chosen Blender as the main working tool and the basis of the animation pipeline for NETSKI Project. To date, Kolobanga Studio is the first and the only studio among russian animation studios, that makes a feature film in Blender. Sergey Antonov, CEO: “We are impressed and inspired by the opportunities and prospects that Blender opens up for animation projects especially with the release of Blender 2.8. And Blender is about extraordinary people who are guided by a new open work philosophy. This philosophy has united and continue to create the global open community of specialists behind Blender, where each participant is ready to share his/her experience or take part in a large project. That’s one of the key reasons why Blender is the future of CG industry.”

NETSKI project has already been successfully presented at the leading animation film markets and festivals (in Cannes, Annecy, Los Angeles and others). NETSKI received very positive feedbacks from buyers and experts, who praised the high professional level of the project, its concept and scale.

“NETSKI. The Universe of the Net” – the opening film of the franchise – is going to be released in 2021.

Alexander Revva, the producer of Kolobanga Studio projects: “The interest that buyers from all over the world show to our projects is really cool, it inspires us to make amazing and bright projects that can win over the viewers hearts all over the world! ”

Source: Kolobanga Studio

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