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Vuulr is a global platform transforming the Film and TV Content Industry

Imagine if, instead of taking months to source and acquire the rights to a title, a transaction could flow from discovery to deal in under 24 hours.

And content could instantly be showcased to a trusted global community of buyers, reaching new audiences and new markets, 24/7.

This is Vuulr.

Vuulr is a Blockchain-enabled, online Global Content Marketplace for the Film, TV and Sports industry. We provide large-scale efficiencies for the global Distribution and Acquisition of content allowing buyers and sellers, to go from discovery to deal in days instead of months. The Vuulr solution aims to save the industry more than 75% of the value lost to the cost of transactions today, retaining more profit for both buyers and sellers.

Partnering with leading Hollywood trade bodies (EIDR, MovieLabs, EMA), Vuulr also provides a Digital Supply Chain solution, implementing existing global data specifications for unique asset IDs, rights management, MetaData and material delivery.

Already transactional and endorsed by key industry players, Vuulr’s commitment to platform excellence gives users an efficient, intuitive, responsive, best in class customer experience while maximising the value of their content catalogue.

Vuulr Marketplace

Content Creators and Distributors can list Movies, TV shows, Shorts, Sports, e-Sports and Formats on the Vuulr Marketplace. The platform will match content with buyers and proactively promote the content to them, driving incremental sales from the front and back catalogue. Vuulr will build machine learning, search optimisation and recommendation engine technology to do this algorithmically.

Buyers (Free-to-air (FTA), Pay TV & OTT (over-the-top solutions, like Netflix)) from around the world will have powerful tools to allow them to search, screen, check rights availability and negotiate rights packages with content owners. This will make it quicker, easier and cheaper to find, negotiate and acquire the content they need.

Vuulr Supply Chain

A Digital Supply Chain solution for the broadcast media industry. The Vuulr Supply Chain – the Content Industry Supply Chain, or CISP – technology layer which allows Vuulr users – and 3rd parties under white-label partneships – to manage rights availability (“Avails”), MetaData, and unique IDs associated with each and every title, with easy-to-use tools implementing existing global industry standards and best practices. In-built and therefore free for Vuulr Marketplace users – for 3rd parties, CISP is modern, web delivered, mobile friendly and will be charged on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) pricing construct.

Free for buyers to use, and for sellers to list, a 10% commission is payable on successful transaction. We only get paid when we create value for both parties!


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