Imaginative and powerful music creation

comes to to the metaverse with the creator tool from PatchXR

– Visitors of the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco tried PatchWorld on Quest for the first time!

The VR music app PatchWorld will launch this summer on Meta Quest 2. PatchWorld will immerse creators in magical universes where everyone can become a composer, experiment with incredible instruments, or invent their very own worlds.

PatchWorld empowers musical experience with fantastic worlds, fanciful instruments, and full-immersion live shows. It combines the visual experience and play of gaming with the emotional power of music. It’s ready to play from the moment you enter – but deep enough to let you build everything you can imagine.

Audiovisual artist MOWUKIS shares: “PatchWorld is a fascinating experience for audiovisual artists. It’s the limitless options of a traditional patching environment, at a human scale and with a physical interface that allows you to create an entirely interactive audiovisual environment and see it take shape in front of you. Having the possibility to physically interact with your creations in real-time generates an emotional bond with the work you’re creating that is very hard to convey with words.”

An unprecedented toolset

Music is diverse and imaginations want to run wild, so our technology is built for collaboration and limitless possibility.

PatchWorld is an open-ended world-builder. Dig into a complete collection of interchangeable blocks that power gesture and interaction, generative music machines and pattern makers, sound processing and stompbox-style effects, animation, and visuals. Or if you just want to relax and play around, enter our growing library and load up user content or an EP – audiovisual albums you can enter interactively.

For the first time, you can make rich, fully-customizable worlds without needing your own personal visual effects house – it’s like stepping inside a futuristic music video. You create for VR inside VR, meaning working in three dimensions is more intuitive. And since it’s all live and playable, you can perform, improvise, and jam. In an age when music makers’ vision can get lost in faceless streams, PatchWorld lets you express yourself and produce media for VR, live streams, and even live shows, with high-performance 3D visuals and spatial sound, even on just a standalone Oculus headset.

In details:

  • Build and share musical worlds in the metaverse, without any coding, for free
  • Deep modular framework – start with pre-built worlds or create custom instruments, visuals, and gestural interactions
  • 200+ blocks for endless creative options
  • 3D environment and sound assets to get you started
  • 3D spatial audio and stereo mixing
  • Record loops of your avatar performing in 3D space to become a full band
  • Connect your virtual world with your usual setup using MIDI and OSC.

Anyone is welcome to join the PatchXR Discord channel to learn more: https://discord.gg/8NhKeFGg

About PatchXR

PatchXR is a multinational studio blending unmatched experience in art, engineering, and sound and music for VR. The team has some of the world’s top talent in the emerging medium of immersive, generative, interactive music for full-sensory virtual reality. That lineage starts with co-founders Melodie Mousset and Eduardo Fouilloux, building on Melodie’s award-winning achievements in VR art and Eduardo’s pioneering work at Animation Studio Denmark and creating the music game prototype MuX.

Now, PatchXR has assembled a global team and a powerful, complete, ground-up engine for VR music, sound, and play. We’ve tested our tools with diverse artists from around the world in closed beta and our Patchathon collaborative experience at top festivals. With that bespoke foundation and world-class experience in multiplayer experience and tech, we’re envisioning new, futuristic ways to play together with music, engaging the full body with vision and sound.

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