USC Games Expo AGP Spotlight Show

WHAT IS THE AGP SPOTLIGHT SHOW? In partnership with HoYoverse, the USC Games Expo will showcase the future of the games industry firsthand with over 60 student-made games, in-person for the first time since 2019. Attendees will have access to a USC-hosted esports tournament, food catering, and a special mini golf course created by students from USC’s newly offered Themed Entertainment program.

During USC Games’ 7th Annual Expo Day, 10 projects developed in USC Games’ capstone course, Advanced Games Projects (AGP), was featured with their first hands-on showcase, the “AGP Spotlight Show.” It’s a special message to Expo attendees from Jim Yang, president of USC Games Expo partner, HoYoverse, and head of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty, and delivered the opening keynote to kick off the show on May 10.

This year 10 Featured AGP titles was screened. They are:

  1. Birds Aren’t Real (PC)

Birds Aren’t Real is an action-stealth game with a comic twist that’s based on a “real” conspiracy theory. As a government surveillance pigeon drone, you’ll engage in missions, sneak around the city, and use your creative thinking to manipulate the townsfolk and dispel their suspicions about your TOTALLY not-real Avian Task Force.


  1. Bloompunk (PC)

Bloompunk is a unique hybrid of first-person-shooter and roguelike game set in a lush world of living plants. Using steampunk technology, harness the power of the sun, grow your living arsenal of weapons and abilities, and fight back against an invasive ravenous force to reset the world’s natural balance. Enhance your body with deadly weaponry that’s a merge of plant and machine in this fast-paced, chaotic frenzy of bullets and thorns.

  1. Bomb Buddies (Mobile iOS)

Get ready for an explosive adventure with Bomb Buddies, the thrilling augmented reality (AR), cooperative mobile puzzle game that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Solve puzzles, crack codes, and test your dexterity with a friend…but watch out! Everything is not as it seems when a nefarious hacker gets involved! When the stakes are high can your skills still hold up to the test?

  1. Eye 4 Eye (PC)

Eye 4 Eye is an enthralling and immersive detective puzzle adventure game. You are Detective Hazel, tasked with solving a case of the missing daughter of the wealthy, successful CEO of TempleTech.  As you unveil the company’s dark schemes, experience the thrill of piecing together an intricate mystery in a futuristic world brought to life in a captivating 90s retro aesthetic. Employ your cutting-edge ocular artificial implant and use tools like search engines, history vision, and item examination to journey down your investigative path. Engage your inner sleuth and challenge yourself with thought-provoking puzzles and enigmatic mysteries as you work to uncover the truth behind the missing girl.

  1. Grandma Green (Mobile iOS/Android)

Grandma Green is a charming and cozy mobile virtual pet and gardening simulation game. You play as a lonely widow in a heartwarming journey as she sets out to grow the garden of her dreams – and ends up rediscovering a sense of purpose and joy in her golden years. With her magic green thumb, cultivate a diverse and vibrant garden, and care for a variety of sentient plant friends with their unique personalities in a story of growth and renewal.

  1. Blindsight: War of the Warden (PC)

Blindsight: War of the Wardens is an action-adventure game where you play as Iggy Yin, a martial arts master with echolocation abilities, as he retrieves a stolen family heirloom that may doom the universe and the ones he loves.

  1. Machine Heart (PC)

Machine Heart is a 2.5D puzzle adventure game where you’ll play as two characters in two different, but interconnected, timelines. Players will have the ability to trade clues back and forth between timelines and uncover a shocking secret behind the fate of humanity as well as all life on Earth.

  1. Manas (PC)

Manas is an action-adventure game set in medieval Central Asia that immerses you in a land of mountains, valleys, and nomadic culture. Inspired by the Kyrgyz epic of the legendary hero, Manas, you’ll defend your village against ruthless invaders with the aid of your faithful steed, Akkula. Through engaging visuals and innovative mounted combat, witness the beginning of Manas’ epic journey!

  1. Neon City (PC)

Welcome to Neon City, a virtual reality city-building game that combines the charm of block toys with cutting-edge hand-tracking technology. Create and explore your own digital city in 360 degrees with a unique retro-inspired art style, with the added bonus of experiencing your unique metropolis in 1:1 scale. Perfect for fans of city-building games and traditional toys alike, Neon City offers a one-of-a-kind experience that will inspire your creativity.

  1.  Try Again (PC)

Try Again is a fast-paced, meta, 2.5d platformer about a video game test character named Benny. Benny wants to move onto the final build and become the main character. Benny has long been trapped in this unfinished game by The Designer, but the game is due tomorrow which means it is Benny’s last day. Get Benny out of grey-box facility once and for all.

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