United Media’s hit comedy series “At the border” achieves audience share of 72% above average on Greek Star Channel

United Media, a leading media company in Southeast Europe and a leading content producer, recently sold the rights to the adaptation of its Croatian comedy series “At the border” (orig. “Na granici”) to the Greek Star Channel, where it premiered at the end of October, achieving audience share of 72% above Star Channel’s average. The local remake remains the winner in its slot in the target demo 18-54.

“This is the second time that we have our series being adapted in Greece and we are happy to continue to develop our business operations with the most watched televisions in the region. Our series “No Matter What” (orig. “Kud puklo da puklo”) was successfully adapted for channel ERT 1 earlier, with 480 episodes being produced within six seasons, all of them achieving great results. These accomplishments reflect our strong commitment to producing exceptional content that resonates with audiences worldwide and confirms United Media‘s unmatched production quality”, said Tatjana Pavlović, director of original content sales and co-production at United Media who was recently elected as a new member of the prestigious International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

The newest adaptation of the “At the border” hit series in Greece is planned to have 60 episodes in its first season, while its earlier adaptations have already conquered countries in the CEE region. It has 176 episodes adapted by the Slovak TV JOJ, as well as 305 episodes adapted by the Hungarian RTL Klub where it achieved above-average results, being the most watched series in the country at the time of broadcast.

“At the border”, a series produced by the Croatian Nova TV, also achieved outstanding viewership results in its home country with a viewership share of as much as 37%, positioning itself as the leader in its broadcast time slot and remaining the most popular series. It was also broadcast with above-average results in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia.

United Media is the leading media company in South East Europe broadcasting 55 channels in 8 countries across terrestrial, cable, DTH, OTT and IPTV platforms. The company produces more than 40.000 hours of original content yearly and it is distributed to a market of more than 40 million people by leading international operators. Its original series “No Matter What” (orig. “Kud puklo da puklo”)  was adapted in Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria and Greece, while the “Best Men” (orig. “Kumovi”) drama series currently enjoys huge success in Slovenia and also had its adaptation rights recently sold to the Hungarian RTL.

About the “At the border” series:

At the center of the “At the border” series is a young, newly graduated economist Petra who returns from Zagreb to her native village in order to inherit the illegal business of smuggling goods from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Croatia from her grandmother Zorka. As almost the entire village lives from this business and as several families are involved in the business, Petra actually becomes the head of a real small cartel. Therefore, Petra becomes the most desirable bride in the town. All the families involved in the business see an opportunity to marry one of their sons to Petra to take control of a lucrative business, so the sons, whether they want to or not, become Petra’s suitors. Thus, Petra, along with all the problems she has with running that unusual business in a patriarchal environment, will also have a bunch of “colleagues”, her “subordinates”, and in fact friends from childhood, who want to marry her and who, with their wholehearted support of their fathers, do not choose means to sabotage competitors. The problem becomes even bigger when Petra, out of all those great potential guys, sets her sights on the forbidden fruit – the new border policeman Marko who comes to the village with the task of putting an end to smuggling.

The dynamic series is created under the leadership of directors Josip Žuvan, Stanislav Tomić, Ivan Miladinov and Danijel Kušan, along with the series authors Mirna Miličić, Vlado Bulić and Goran Rukavina.

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