Twitter error cuts Abylight Studios off from the community

Abylight Studios, the Barcelona-based game developer and publisher, has been cut off from their 7400-people community due to Twitter’s algorithm error. The game company’s account of @abylight has been suspended without warning or explanation.

The Abylight team immediately reached out to the platform for support, but has not received a response or reaction so far, after a week of daily attempts to get the unfair suspension reviewed.

“This is no small matter. Losing this account affects work of many people, jobs depend on this working out fast. This attitude is incredibly dangerous and careless from such a big company, specially given the current state of affairs worldwide. When things like this happen, they should at least respond to our plight”, says Eva Gaspar, the CEO of Abylight Studios.

No rules violated

The Abylight team has reviewed Twitter’s rules to exclude the chance of misunderstanding. However, none of the posts or information shared on the @abylight page was against the platform’s regulations. There hasn’t been any notice of a specific rule violation as well. All info the team received was the popup message in the mobile app: “Your account is currently suspended. For more information, please sign into” Signing in and filing numerous appeals did not result in any action or clarification from Twitter Support.

Community and business development tool since 2009

Abylight Studios’ Twitter account has been a vital part of the company’s business and community since 2009, acting as the most interactive and fast channel for delivering news on the company and its games to over 7400 gamers and developers, finding potential business partners and staying in touch with an extended network of games industry professionals.


Abylight Studios is a digital entertainment company based in Barcelona and founded in 2004. As a video game publisher focuses on working with talented Indie creators and helping them to bring their games to the widest range of platforms possible. For more information on Abylight Studios, visit its official website:



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