Transmedia storytelling by Greek creator Aristarchos Papadaniel (Syllipsis)

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After the awarded musical splatter The Rains of Castamere | An Animated Choreography οf Departures, where he covered and performed George R. R. Martin’s and Ramin Djawadi’s emblematic song, Aristarchos Papadaniel returned this year by creating a series of caricatures of the main Game of Thrones protagonists, who were in the game of claiming the reign.

Drawing inspiration by Joel Brodsky’s photographic portrait The Young Lion depicting The Doors lead singer Jim Morrison for the rock band best of album cover, and with GoT Rocks motto the caricatures of Tyrion, Jon Snow, Cersei, Daenerys, Sansa, Arya etc. change rapidly following the rock mood of a new version of The Rains of Castamere composed and performed by Aristarchos.

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Aristachos Papadaniel’s recent project produced by Syllipsis Ltd. is C. P. CAVAFY | THE CITY (Wherever I Turn My Eyes To), where he composed music and performed the singing for Constantinos P. Cavafy’s famous poem The City. It is a live-action short film co-directed by cinematographer Panagiotis Kountouras, which combines a little bit of 2D animation and introduces the genre of audiovisual epigram. According to the film synopsis, as a mummy portrait of Fayum, the gaze of the Poet who “brought to Art” “things half glimpsed, faces or lines” distinguishes with the corner of his eye the souls procession at Mati’s little corner. C. P. CAVAFY | THE CITY (Wherever I Turn My Eyes To) won the Athens Animfest 2019 Audience Award and it is official selection at the Athens Digital Arts Festival ADAF 2019.

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The short film traveled along with Aristarchos’ Pocket Cinema flipbook series (Syllipsis) and other 16 Greek productions to Annecy International Animation Festival and its International Animation Film Market (MIFA) at the Greek pavilion on the #GreeceAnimated initiative of ASIFA Hellas – Hellenic Animation Association, with the strong support of the National Center for Audiovisual Media and Communication (EKOME S.A.). The EKOME and ASIFA Hellas synergy reflects a coordinated national effort to support Greek animators in their quest for foreign co-productions through the use of the incentives introduced by Greece to attract investment in audiovisual productions. C. P. CAVAFY | THE CITY (Wherever I Turn My Eyes To) and all 18 production projects from Greece that were featured at the Greek pavilion and had audiovisual sample materials were featured on the festival’s Videotheque, where they will be accessible by potential co-producers until April 2020.

At the Greek pavilion of Annecy Festival MIFA Aristarchos Papadaniel presented also his brand new transmedia storytelling project, which is a poster book publication by Syllipsis Ltd. by the title Once Upon A Time There Was A Comics Artist on TV. The anniversary poster book is bilingual (Greek-English) and contains posters of the comics, illustrations and sketches that Aristarchos had the pleasure to draw for the needs of the role of the comics artist Takis Peristeris starred by famous Greek actor Giannis Tsimitselis in the popular TV series I Polykatoikia (Block of Flats) that was broadcasted by MEGA Channel (2008-2011). It is important to say that this is the first time in the Greek TV history that the professional pursuits and challenges of a comics artist become the object of a TV series, and especially though the eyes of its leading actor. Furthermore, this poster book is collectible as it contains some additional unpublished draft drawings. According to Aristarchos “by flipping through the pages or cutting out selected pages/posters we remember together that “once upon a time there was a comics artist on TV”.

The poster book (18+) includes 48 original posters, a foreword by TV series director Vasilis Thomopoulos and backstage photos by Giorgos Panygiropoulos. It was also presented at Thessaloniki Comic Con.

Short Bio:

Aristarchos Papadaniel is an awarded Greek director and cartoon creator. Author of the book Greek Political Caricature. The Serious Side to a Funny Art. Creator of Pocket Cinema flipbook series and A Comics Artist on TV poster book (Syllipsis). Co-creator, along with author-educational technologist Sophia Madouvalou, of the 1st Greek educational animated TV series A Letter – A Story produced by Educational RadioTelevision of the Greek Ministry of Education (ERT1) for the Greek alphabet and language, which develops to a digital interactive learning environment (Medea Awards, Highly commended). His illustrations have been presented on magazines (Babel, PC Magazine) and TV shows (I Polykatoikia, The X Factor). Key speaker at the biographical documentary series From Big to Small produced by Scriptwriters Guild of Greece (Vouli TV) about famous Greek caricaturists. Co-editor of the book 70 Years of Greek Animation (ASIFA Hellas – Co-founder of the awarded creative studio Syllipsis and founding member of ASIFA Hellas Hellenic Animation Association.

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