Top-notch Italian movies are ready to land at the Berlinale EFM 2022 Italian pubcaster’s distributor unveils new movie line-up for European Film market

Top-notch Italian movies are ready to land at the Berlinale EFM 2022

Italian pubcaster’s distributor unveils new movie line-up for European Film market

Italian pubcaster’s distributor Rai Com unveils the latest titles to be presented during the Berlinale EFM 2022 from February 10th to the 17th. The line-up includes high quality films by the directors of some of the most successful Italian movies at the box-office.



Directed by Paolo Strippoli

Drama / Horror

Duration: 95’

Year: 2022 – in post production

No EFM Market Screening


After receiving the Best Director Award at the 2021 Taormina Film Festival for his film debut A Classical Horror Story, Paolo Strippoli presents Flowing, a family drama nuanced with horror and thriller undertones set in frantic Rome. An unusual feeling pervades the city, when it rains. A sinister steam of unknown origin and composition comes out of the street manholes. No one realizes that breathing that steam triggers extreme reactions in people, who end up facing anger and some of their darkest instincts.




Directed by Francesco Mandelli


Duration: 90’

Year: 2021

No EFM Market Screening


Presented as the Opening Film at the 2021 Rome Film Festival with satisfying reviews, Francesco Mandelli adapts Matteo Bussola’s successful novel of the same title: Sleepless Nights, Kisses for Breakfast. Father of three daughters with wife and successful writer Paola, Marco leaves his steady job to move to the countryside and work from home pursuing his dream of becoming a cartoonist. Marco and Paola are very different people, but their differences complete each other’s deficiencies. Their dream life starts crumbling, when he reconnects with Sara, a former lover, who helps him publish his first comic book.

Festival & Awards:

Rome Film Fest 2021: Pre-opening




Directed by Roberto Andò – International award-winning / box-office success director

Drama / LGBTQ
Duration: 110’
Year: 2021

EFM Market Screening: Feb 10th – 11:00AM @ Virtual Cinema 7


Closing movie of the 78th edition of the Venice Film Festival, The Hidden Child is the story of Ciro, a young boy, who finds shelter in the apartment of an elderly man, Gabriele, a quiet and educated piano teacher. The local criminal organization is targeting Ciro because he is responsible for pickpocketing the main criminal boss’ mother. The relationship between Ciro and Gabriele seems conflicting at first. If the boy has a wildly fierce and impetuous nature, the man is a solitary soul who hides frustrations and secret passions. The two try to get along with each other and, in the end, Gabriele will have to make tough decisions to free the boy and himself as well.

Festival & Awards:

Viva il Cinema! Journées du film italien de Tours 2022: Panorama

Appointment with the Italian Cinema in Istanbul 2021

Chicago International Film Festival 2021: Masters

Italy on screen today New York – Film&TVSeries Fest 2021

La Biennale di Venezia 2021: Out of Competition

Madrid Italian Film Festival 2021: Official Selection

Villerupt Italian Film Festival 2021: Out of Competition



Directed by Gabriele Mainetti – International award-winning / box-office success director Historical-fantasy / Drama / Circus
Duration: 141’
Year: 2021

No EFM Market Screening


After the success of They Call Me Jeeg (2015), Gabriele Mainetti comes back to the big screen with another innovative movie, Freaks Out, presented In Competition at the 78th Venice Film Festival. Set in bombarded Rome in 1943, the movie tells the story of Matilde, Cencio, Fulvio, and Mario, who live like siblings in a circus managed by Israel, their boss, but most of all a father figure to them. While looking for an escape route to get as far away from the conflict, Israel mysteriously disappears leaving the four characters by themselves, with no perspective. Left alone, the four “circus freaks” feel lost in the occupied and under fire Italian capital. In the meanwhile, someone sets his eyes on the four characters and has got a plan that could change their destinies as well as the course of history.

Festival & Awards:

De Rome à Paris 2022

Göteborg Film Festival 2022: Gala

IFFR – International Film Festival Rotterdam 2022: Limelight

Busan International Film Festival 2021: Flash Forward

La Biennale di Venezia 2021: Venezia 78 – Leoncino d’Oro Award, Lizzani Award,

Soundtrack Stars Award

Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia 2021: Oficial Fantàstic Competició

Fantastic Fest 2021: Best Actor (Franz Rogowski)




Directed by Beatrice Baldacci – debut film


Duration: 90’

Year: 2021

EFM Market Screening: Feb 09th – 4:15PM @ Virtual Cinema 4


Awarded the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Award at the Biennale College Cinema 2021, The Den is a teen drama about a nineteen-year-old boy, Giulio, who gives up his summer vacation to help his parents with their work in the countryside. A twenty-year-old girl arrives in the uninhabited house next door to spend the holidays. Lia is a bold, grumpy, and secretive girl. Shy and naif Giulio feels attracted to her and cannot stop thinking about her. She initiates him to increasingly dangerous games, but also hides an unimaginable secret in that house where no one is allowed to set foot.

Festival & Awards:

La Biennale di Venezia 2021: Biennale College – Cinema




Directed by Alessandro Rak – International award-winning director

Duration: 90’
Year: 2021

EFM Market Screening: Feb 15th – 11:00AM @ Virtual Cinema 1

Presented in Competition at the 74 Locarno Film Festival Yaya & Lennie – The Walking Liberty is an animated tale set in a post-apocalyptic world with a stunningly unique visual style. The world has come to an end. Nature has taken back possession of the planet, covering it in a blanket of jungle. A new society, the “Institution”, is attempting to thrive from the ruins of the old world and strives to reinstate a sense of order. But not everybody accepts to succumb to a process of civilization. The protagonists of the story, Yaya and Lennie, the free spirits of the jungle, are striving to find their place in the world. Yaya is an intelligent 15-year-old girl of mixed ethnicity with an uncouth character who takes care of Lennie, a big and tall man in his twenties with a mental disability.

Festival & Awards:

Italy on screen today New York – Film&TvSeries Fest 2021

Locarno Film Festival 2021: Piazza Grande

Madrid Italian Film Festival 2021: Lungometraggi




Directed by Michela Cescon – debut film

Duration: 86’
Year: 202

EFM Market Screening: Feb 16th – 11:30AM @ Virtual Cinema 4

International acclaimed actress Valeria Golino is the protagonist of Blue Eyes, a thriller movie shot in a nocturnal and evocative Rome. She’s an ordinary woman and a mysterious robber beyond suspicion. A police officer who is on her trail asks for the help of a Parisian friend known as “The Frenchman”, notorious for having solved apparently impossible cases. The chase becomes a challenging game with unforeseeable consequences.

Festivals & Awards:

Cinema Italian Style – Los Angeles 2021

Italy on screen today New York – Film & TV Series Fest 2021

Taormina Film Fest 2021: Out of Competition

Villerupt Italian Film Festival 2021: Competition



Directed by Gabriele Salvatores – International award-winning director


Duration: 96’

Year: 2021

EFM Market Screening: Feb 14th – 2:02PM @ Virtual Cinema 13


Six aspiring comedians tired of the mediocrity of their lives are about to perform for the first time in a club. An examiner is attending the event, he will choose one of them to perform in a TV Show. For some of them this is the first real opportunity they have to change their lives, for others it is the very last one. The performance begins. The comedians have a huge dilemma: should they listen to their teacher who prefers a smart comedy or should they please the unrefined examiner? Or even should they choose a totally personal and original approach? Following the stories of six characters, Comedians is a reflection on the very meaning of comedy in our time.

Festivals & Awards:

Festival della commedia italiana – Israel 2021



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