Tokyo Game Show 2023

The Tokyo Game Show remains one of the top gaming shows in the world. While the first two days of the event are industry and press only (with Friday afternoon also open to the public), days three and four are open to the sweaty masses.

Tokyo Game Show 2023 will be held from September 21 to September 24. Details are yet to be announced, but check below for what to expect.

What can I expect?

The show is on a huge scale with booths from all the major game publishers, console makers, and mobile gaming platforms with a few indies and international booths thrown in as well.

If you want to play some of the new games, you’ll need to turn up early (the more fanatical mill around the station area all night and then queue up from 5am) and know exactly where you’re going when you get inside. The queues at the entrance ease up around noon, so if you turn up before that, bring liquid refreshment and a hat as the weather in this part of Japan is still hot in September.


If you’re not into waiting in line at the booths for hours, there is plenty of other entertainment — including one of the biggest gatherings of cosplayers around.

For 2022, TGS is discouraging cosplayers by banning photography sessions in and around the venue. It will also not have any changing rooms or dedicated area. There’s a whole list of rules on what you are allowed to wear and do . I doubt this will stop most visitors though.

Tickets for Tokyo Game Show 2022

This year, on-the-door tickets will not be sold; you must purchase in advance. Tickets cost ¥1,300 for the afternoon and ¥2,300 for the day. Young children, elementary-school age and under, will not be admitted, even if accompanied by an adult.

Note: If you use the English ticketing site, you will be unable to purchase an Afternoon Ticket for Saturday and Sunday (but can still purchase a Friday Afternoon Ticket and full-day tickets).

Where can I watch Tokyo Game Show?

If you can’t get tickets or live outside the country, there are a few ways to enjoy TGS from the comfort of your home. You can feel like you are in the action with their TGS VR experience. Or take a look at their official streaming schedule.


Usually the closing day is most popular, but people tend to rearrange their plans due to the frequent typhoons that buffet the Japan archipelago in September.

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