Tokyo Brings 3 Beautiful Animation Series to MIFA2021!

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) comes to MIFA2021 with the top 3 Animation Projects.

The lovely pop idols SINGS, DANCES, and FIGHTS for the world!

Title: Samurai Pirates

Target: 6-8

Genre: Fantasy, Action Adventure

Format: (26+26)ep x 11min. Series (episodic structure)

Technique: CGI Animation

Production: Picona, Inc. and MOLOT Entertainment

Status: In Development


Enne is a Pop-Idol singer on the island of Takarajima, after a series of strange events, she has bestowed the gift of an Ometsuke, a Samurai Spirit. By befriending the Ometsuke and the commander Captain Matthew, she is granted the magical power to turn evil Onis back into Humans.

Enne assembles a Pop-Idol group, they transform into the Samurai Pirates by wearing a magical eyepatch.

With the help of her four friends, they set sail on a quest to purify all the Onis on the islands.

Through the adventure, she finds out the secrets of her father and love, friendship, and the wonders of this world.

The lovely pop idols SING, DANCES, and DEFENDS the world from EVIL!

About Picona, Inc.

As an animation studio, Picona specializes in 3D Computer Graphic animation, graphic design, original animation, character planning/development and production. Known for our excellent use of ‘Toon/Cel Shading’ technique for 3DCG and children’s animation. Recently, Picona has been focusing on developing original works for the overseas market.


Finding Marko with Mariko

Title: Mariko’s UK Sketchbook

Target: Young Adult

Genre: Non Fiction

Format: 10 ep. x 10 min. Series (episodic structure)

Technique : 2D, 3D, stop motion animation hybrid

Creator: UK & M

Status: Early Pre-Production

Synopsis: Mariko is a Japanese working woman who has never in her lifetime had the opportunity to live abroad. Finally, she is able to go overseas, achieving her dream. She spends a total of six years in the UK and in the US. After working for a video game company in the UK, she applies and is admitted to and attends film school. After graduation, her dream to become a filmmaker comes true. This series is based on a non-fiction, comic essay which looks at the differences between Japan, the UK and the USA through the eyes of a working woman who encounters and observes “people”, “life”, “culture”, “customs”, and “herself as a foreigner”.

About UK & M LLC

UK and M Limited Liability Company (UK & M LLC) is a Tokyo-based creative company which works on high-quality concept illustration for film, animation, picture books, graphic novels, graphic design, and game products. Co-founder, Mariko Umeda, has worked as a professional artist in the UK, the USA and Japan for over 15 years.

After leaving a game company in Tokyo, Mariko Umeda moved to the UK where she worked for a local game company before completing her MA in production and design at the UK’s National Film and Television School (NFTS).

She then worked as a concept artist and a set designer for “Moon and Me”, an animation series currently running on BBC CBeebies.


Even though we are different, we can understand each other.

Title: Papara and Anni

Target: 7-10

Genre: Fantasy

Format: 12 ep. x 24 min. Series (episodic structure)

Technique: CGI Animation

Production: Kanaban Graphic

Status: Early Pre-Production

Synopsis: Papara and Anni have been best friends for as long as they can remember, but as they grow up, their personalities begin to diverge, and they drift apart.

They blame each other for being trapped in a world of dolls, so they search for a new best friend. As they meet new dolls, they find them suffering from problems and solve them. With each doll they mend they learn different points of views, ways of thinking, and accepting, and as they grow, they begin to understand each other’s personalities However, this is not enough.

It is only when they are able to express their true feelings to each other and be there for each other that they can become best friends again. This is a story about the emotional growth of two ex-friends becoming best friends again.

About Kanaban Graphics

Kanaban Graphics is a computer graphics animation studio known for their globally famous series “Usavich,” “Yan Yan Machiko,” and “Inazma Delivery,” and their commissioned TV series, games, and commercials. The studio’s expertise ranges from planning, script writing, staging, storyboard making, art direction, to the entire process of 3D CG production. The studio has successfully negotiated numerous licensing and distribution contracts in Japan and overseas.


Tokyo Brings 2 Animation Feature Film Projects as well!

Travels for Respects

Title: Fu and Sasuke – The Quest for Compassion

Target: Family

Genre: Adventure (Road Movie)

Format: 110 min, Feature Film

Technique : 2D, (with 3D Background)

Creator: Recommendation, Inc.

Status: Early Pre-Production


A loner orphaned cat turns out to be a hero on a sinking island.

Title: Republic of Cats

Target: Kids and Family, XYZ Generations

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

Format: 80-90 min. Feature Film

Technique: 2D and 3D Hybrid

Creator: Jet Set Go

Production: 2d3D Animations

Status: Early Pre-Production


About Tokyo Animation Business Accelerator

Tokyo is home to a thriving animation industry, but much of its highly creative projects are unknown outside of Japan.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government wants to change that by supporting the efforts of very creative companies to promote the Tokyo animation industry by taking part in MIFA.


We’re opening the door to an entire rainbow spectrum of Tokyo’s talent that is rarely represented in the global animation market. With unique stories and outstanding technics, they have so much to offer. We hope you’ll take this chance to create some amazing opportunities when you meet them!



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