Tokyo Brings 2 Superb Animated Series to MIFA2023!

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) will be at MIFA2023 with two of our top Animated Series.

Zaza the Bug

Creator: UrumaDelvi Studio Ltd.

Status: Early Pre-Production

Synopsis: Deep under the homes of humans spans the vast world of Zaza. This animated series focuses on “Zamza”, a high school student living in a rural town with this family, classmates, and girlfriend. In a microcosm of human society, Zamza experiences everything like friends, jealousy, betrayal, temptation, and more, but with one difference: the good and the bad are quickly forgotten. Because they’re all bugs…

One day, after losing a football game, Zamza quickly forgets his woes when he stumbles upon a KISS video on YouTube. Inspired by the rock stars, Zamza decides to start his own band.

Zamza and his band finally win an audition show and become famous. But is that happiness?


Creator: Moon Face Animation

Status: Early Pre-Production

Synopsis: 「Yatchi(>.<)Mattaaa!」 is a ‘never give up’ spirit musical comedy full of music, dance and fashion. The location is a Tokyo-like port town. Many people land here through the ocean. The comedy band of Iroha, Lulu and Pocotan formed toghther in this quirky town, and they are working at the theatre everyday. They dream to go on a date with their crushes and to save enough money to go on a tour! But they are always screwing up and never getting closer to it… With the quirky residents of the port town, they will kick away the ‘failure moment (YatchiMattaa)’ and change it to positive & cheerful energy by sing and dance. This animation will blow away your daily frustrations!

Tokyo Brings 2 Beautiful Animation Feature Films! CHAT FOOD, which is created by Studio Gooneys Inc and Feast of Amurita, which is produced by Saku Sakamot. Chat Food is in early pre-production and Feast of Amurita is completed.

About Tokyo Animation Business Accelerator

Tokyo is home to a thriving animation industry, but much of its highly creative projects are unknown outside of Japan.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government wants to change that by supporting the efforts of very creative companies to promote the Tokyo animation industry by taking part in MIFA.

We’re opening the door to an entire rainbow spectrum of Tokyo’s talent that is rarely represented in the global animation market. With unique stories and outstanding technics, they have so much to offer. We hope you’ll take this chance to create some amazing opportunities when you meet them!

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