Toikido and UEFA Unveil EURO2024 Mascot

Toikido and UEFA Unveil EURO2024 Mascot, with Program Underway to Name the Character

Toikido, the London-based creative studio with a mission to put “toy” into the heart of games, has created the EURO2024 mascot for the Union of European Football Associations (UFEA). The announcement of the new mascot was made with UFEA and Fanatics, UEFA Euro 2024 master licensee. During the build-up to the tournament, the mascot will encourage Generation Alphas [those born from 2010] to be more active and health-conscious through its #MakeMoves campaign.

The life-size teddy bear mascot pays homage to the popular children’s toy said to have originated from Germany in the early 20th century. Over the next two weeks, children in UEFA’s Football in Schools program will contribute to a poll to name the mascot, which all stem from the German word for bear, “Bär”. These are Albärt, Bärnardo, Bärnheart, Bärtram, and Herzi von Bär. The mascot will be the subject of an extensive merchandise program.

Using new technologies, the mascot will start its #MakeMoves journey in schools across Europe, asking pupils to submit their most creative football moves and celebrations. The best moves will be transformed into mascot-themed animations using cutting-edge motion capture technology and shared across Europe for other schools to try.

The mascot will lead an educational YouTube series alongside key European influencers, addressing crucial topics such as training, nutrition, and mental health. Resources will be provided to schools, fostering cross-curricular teaching using the UEFA EURO2024 story.

The campaign will also take the mascot’s “be active” message to key digital platforms that young girls and boys use daily – YouTube and Roblox.

The mascot will be featured in an exciting collaboration with Toikido’s online Roblox game world, “Pinata Smashlings”. The UEFA EURO2024 Football Island will be filled with challenges, quests and host city stadiums all created to reinforce the key message of getting active.

Darran Garnham, CEO of Toikido, said: “We’re delighted with the opportunity to have the UEFA EURO2024 inspire kids by unleashing their creativity and passion for football, while also providing a unique and innovative way to play with friends online on our very own UEFA EURO2024 football island, via our game Piñata Smashlings on Roblox. The island will include a host of interactive mini-games and challenges which focus on the importance of physical activity and well-being.”

Phillip Lahm, UEFA EURO2024 Ambassador and German men’s national team legend, said: “I’ve seen how sports can change lives. This mascot is introducing a great initiative to inspire 5 to 12-year-olds to embrace physical activity through exciting real-world and digital experiences.”

He added: “Digital platforms like Roblox are where children now spend a lot of time, and we want to reach and engage them where they are – while still encouraging them to move and be active. It’s about finding the perfect balance.”

Steffi Jones, UEFA EURO2024 Ambassador and former German women’s national team player and manager, commented: “We want to see more children be active and this mascot is going to carry a powerful message, letting children be creative and use their movement to power the mascot in the digital world. It’s great to see UEFA innovating and understanding how to captivate the interest of 5 to 12-year-olds using digital technology to create interactive activities and educational resources, encouraging them to embrace physical activity and prioritise their well-being.”

The EURO2024 Toikido mascot, along with its dynamic initiatives and partnerships, aims to inspire the next generation, encouraging them to embrace an active lifestyle and develop a love for football and its values.

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