The West Lake International Animation Festival (IAF) is Postponed

The West Lake International Animation Festival (IAF) is held every two years by The China Academy of Art, which has a history of 100 years.

IAF stands for “I Animate Future”, which means “I Animate the Future”. This is also the overall concept of West Lake Animation Biennale: to create a pioneer camp for Chinese animation and explore the possibilities and extension of contemporary animation.

As a young animation academic platform, IAF relies on the academic background of The China Academy of Art, focuses on the interaction between theoretical research and practical methods of animation, and actively thinks about the contemporary identity of animation.

In order to promote the communication between animation authors and scholars, and encourage and expand theoretical research on animation, IAF has specially set up an important unit, namely the collection, selection and support of animation academic research.

In addition, the event also includes scholars’ forums, academic lectures, animated film competitions and screenings. We hope to explore the contemporary expression of animation creation and research, focus on the current situation of animation education and discuss the possibility of more openness.

The annual theme of IAF2021 is “independent animation in China since the 21st century”, which was originally scheduled to be held in hangzhou, China in November 2021. Due to the epidemic, the deadline for IAF2021 works and research solicitation has been postponed to September 30, 2021 in order to encourage more animators and scholars from all over the world to participate in the event.

You can apply in the official website of IAF for registration, or email to the organizer:

[email protected] (works)

[email protected] (research)





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