The Truth Seekers Anonymous’ Guide to Surviving Deceit 2

Deceit 2 launches Sept. 14 on Steam. Will you dare to play?

In a game full of lies and deception, World Makers is sharing a few insights into the Game Master’s wicked game ahead of the title’s release next week.

This new Deceit 2 explainer trailer details how the deadly Ritual of Deceit is played and what changes players can anticipate on PC via Steam. The PlayStation and Xbox versions of Deceit 2 will be released later this year with full crossplay compatibility for console and PC players.


Deceit 2 throws players into the Game Master’s meticulously crafted trap with no signs of escape. The Innocent must rely on trust and communication to figure out who among them is secretly an Infected Terror before it’s too late.

The base edition of Deceit 2 will cost $14.99 USD, adjusted regionally.

For more information on Deceit 2, players can sign up for the official mailing list at and wishlist the game on the Deceit 2 Steam store page.

About Deceit 2

The highly anticipated sequel to one of the “Best Multiplayer Horror Games in 2022” (Dexerto). Deceit 2 brings an all-new authentic horror asymmetric multiplayer experience to players on console and PC next year. Re-built from the ground up using Unreal Engine 5, players enter one of many visually striking and foreboding maps to figure out who among the group is a murderous Infected Terror. Featuring new items, nine-player matches, and overhauled gameplay, Deceit 2 is a fully engrossing and truly terrifying multiplayer game where only the sane will survive.

About World Makers

World Makers is an independent games studio focused on building groundbreaking multiplayer games with intuitive and original gameplay. The Cambridge, U.K.-based studio released Deceit on Steam in March 2017 and has hit several major milestones to date: 14 million downloads, 17,000 peak concurrent users, 90,000+ Discord members, and over 53 million games played.

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