The technological value of the gaming industry

With the continuous development of game technology, the application of related technology has already progressed beyond the game industry itself, and has also played a role in many fields such as AI and VR. As a product of compounded cultural content, games have both natural cultural attributes and profound scientific and technological attributes. Basing on these two types of attributes, the game industry is constantly enriching its economic attributes, becoming a driver to support the integration of digital technology and the real economy, and forming a “super digital scene”.

Many players have experienced the technological elements in  games, such as AI technology, through which users can become advanced players, become “godly opponents” or “godly teammates”. It helps players to more fully appreciate the fun of the game. From the perspective of game manufacturers, AI technology can constantly imitate learning and test strength and  intensity in a virtual environment, helping to adjust the balance, make replacements, and even assist industrial and academic research. From the perspective of AI technological development, continuous self-learning and self-adjustment in games can also help achieve technical progress.

Similar to other technological fields, the rapid advances in gaming technology have also been triggered by consumer demand. For example, the huge game market and game demand promote the iteration and upgrading of technology, while the progression of technology further drives the improvement of game modes and game quality. In the process, games have become an “incubator” for technological talents. As the game industry has gathered a large number of high-level scientific and technological talents in computer science, AI and other fields, it continues to provide talents for the research, development and innovation of “key and core technology”. With the “innate advantages” of both market and talent, the game industry has been inseparable from cutting-edge technology since its birth, and games will continue to provide the basic environment for future scientific and technological innovations.

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