“The Storm”

“The Storm” is about a child’s adventure to find his father, which takes place “before, during and after the rain”.  The film still maintains its studio’s “unique sense of fun”, says it will show an “original, totally different world”, and says the “adventure is fantastic, and all the individual experiences are spectacular”.

Another pleasure of watching the film is that many of its Settings have profound meanings: for example, the title “The Storm” implies that under the unfair chaotic times, “heavy rain” falls fairly, but falls to different lives; Another example is the treasure “night brocade”, which is not only a symbol of wealth, but also a distorting mirror under desire, revealing the ugly face of the greedy and amplifying the weak cry of the poor…… The audience can experience the fun of peeling the cocoon and touching the truth in multiple viewings.

The poster depicts the pre-war tranquility hidden by the crisis in Dalong Bay.  Show the scene of the four seasons: spring posters show the quiet before the rain, the hidden flood, the crisis seems to rise;  Summer posters show the search in the rain, the young man in white clothes alone in the rain;  Autumn poster night people return, the red leaves over the forest;  Winter poster God bird appeared, out of the dark cold freezing rain, I do not know whether to bring hope or ruin.  It is worth mentioning that the towering tribal totems in the winter posters symbolize civilization, just like the deep understanding of nature, life and hope in the Druid civilization.  This is exactly the message that the poster of the impression edition wants to convey – life shows different gestures in the change of the four seasons, everything is experiencing a rebirth, looking forward to a heavy rain that can regain a new life.  Through the poetic representation of traditional rural life, this set of impressionistic national style posters of “The Storm” restores a vibrant and mysterious appearance of the Chinese countryside for the audience.

 The film  “The Storm”  was hand-painted in two dimensions. Compared with three-dimensional animation, two-dimensional animation needs to be hand-drawn frame by frame, which not only has high production cost, but also costs more manpower and consumes longer time. Don Sifan insists on two-dimensional painting, on the one hand, this is the artistic style that the team is good at, on the other hand, it is a tribute to the Chinese art animation, and it is the persistence of feelings. Director Don Sifan admitted that the status quo of two-dimensional animation is “really difficult”, but it is also “a kind of obsession integrated into the DNA”.

“The Storm”is an exploration of the world and a reflection on human nature. “What I remember most is that when I was a child, after every heavy rainstorm, the whole mountain was washed clean and returned to the way it was before. In fact, “The Storm”is also about the chaos of the human world, and after a heavy rain, it will return to normal.” “Great Protector is my understanding of human nature, while Heavy Rain is my understanding of the world,” said director Bu Sifan. In the context of the injustice of the world, the “heavy rain” falls fairly and evenly, but it interprets a completely different story in each different life. With the exposure of the poster of the impression version, “The Storm”little by little leads the audience into the new mysterious world of fantasy, and looks forward to a heavy rain related to “rebirth and life change”.

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